Monday, January 4, 2010

flying cars

Probably no one else gets that "I'm ready" song from SpongeBob stuck in their heads, right?
It's like this: "I'm ready! I'm ready! I'm ready!", and obviously is more of a chant than a song.

Anyway, sometimes when I think about things that are going to maybe be in the future, I get SpongeBob "I'm ready" in my head.

What am I ready for now?
We (Sarah and I) have been thinking about this/planning for this/practicing for this for years, and it just seems like the dawning of a new decade would be a great time to make this technology available/affordable.

I lost my phone at the NYE party. Someone found it (thank you, mystery Patrick!) and someone else got it (Rob! On his birthday!) and got it to me. I had it, used it once or twice, and promptly lost it again the next day.
This morning, it was in my bathroom, with a note:
Image Hosted by
My immediate future includes keeping track of phone (I haven't lost one this much since LG White Chocolate 2006 RIPx2), but hopefully my long term future includes phone-hand (imagine a link to a convincing phone-hand article here. Turns out, they're hard to come by.)

Now if only I could find my new iPod so I could install an app ("iHound", it's called) to help me find it when I lose it.


josh ballard said...

if anyone i know gets cell phone hands i am moving to kansas to turn into a shepherd or bedouin.


Bangs said...

How come you can respond to blog posts, but not emails?

zerbipedia said...


if you do get cell phone hands, just be sure they install it in the correct hand. It'd be really awkward to have to hold your hand across your face to your other ear just to talk to someone....


Bangs said...

Wow. That would be a weird disappointment.

What if I have to write AND talk on the phone?!
I've got to start working on my ambidexterity.

pinchefresco said...

1. I recently learned that spelling "lose" "l-o-o-s-e" is the most common spelling error on the internet.

2. Nobody I've talked to about this thinks this is a valid concern, but I am terrified of the idea of flying cars for two reasons: a. drunk people will take down skyscrapers instead of telephone poles, and b. Assholes will drop things on people for sport.