Monday, March 30, 2009


Tonight we saw I Love You, Man. Again, medium.
It was like a caricature of Steve Carell Characters, played by someone else, plus a little Paul Rudd humor.
The best part was when the two boys friend-break-up with each other and there are a lot of jokes about getting Lost Season 2 back.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

broke (so many ways)

Today I broke my front tooth, on a Now and Later. Thanks for the candy, Sarah.

Friday, March 27, 2009

up dates

I guess I forgot to write about this movie we went to, with Julia Roberts and Clive Owen: Duplicity. (Okay, we didn't go to the movies with them, they were in it). I kind of liked it, but I guess because I had Very Low Expectatoins for it, and then it turned out to be about corporate spies, which is kind of a fun idea, and about a cure for baldness. But then afterward, C pointed out a hundred things that were kind of wrong about the plot and he was right. It was like someone didn't think about the script hard enough.
Image Hosted by
Anyway, it was medium, and left me craving champagne. Also made me glad I don't have two unused holes in my ears like both Julia and Clive, it looks bad on the big screen.

In other news, saw my doctors, and (confirmed and official now) I'm doing good. Back to work after next week.
On the way home from the doctor yesterday, I called my mom from the 47:
Mom: "Does Dr. Handsome have blue eyes?"
me: "I really don't know mom. Maybe."
Mom: "I bet he does. He probably has blue eyes."

I also went out. Just for like an hour, and just to the Pope.
Image Hosted by
It was so hard to hear, and I'd also lost my voice, so it was kind of a bummer, but we did learn that there is Trivial Pursuit and other games hidden away in a bench.
Why was there a photographer at Pope? That was dumb. Philly2nite is dumb.

D'n'D campaign is back in the works, and this week it was Lulu (sorry, "Egwin", or "Eggie") who really held us up after getting speared in her leghole by a rogue elf. She got healed though, don't worry. Sandro is really good at inventing as many voices as he does characters, and everyone else is good at making the most amount of sexy jokes possible.

I think I'm hanging out with a hundred out-of-towners this weekend (okay, 3), so maybe I'll see you, maybe I won't.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

your Facebook status

Everyone's Facebook makes them seem so boring. Quiz results? Raelly? "Which Philadelphia neighborhood are you?" And, just so you know, I realize I'm just as boring for checking Facebook multiple times a day, but (at least for now) I have an excuse. But for real, everyone is boring. This is why I'm probably not going to start with Twitter.

Pretend it's Facebook:
"Susan's dad told all her friends a dirty joke about Snow White!"
"Boys who don't play cards are bad at cards"
"Thinking about cat haircuts"
"Susan is working on her Tetris game"
"Susan spent half an hour at CVS and didn't buy anything!"
"Susan shaved her cat's belly"
"My So Called Life - handcuffs!"
"Susan is laundry!"
(hopefully) "Susan is going to the movies"

See? Boring.

Also, I can't get the code from my Dr. Pepper to work. It was probably a winner, and the dumb website won't work. Bummer.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

on the town

Yesterday my favorite boys took me to the Rite Aid on the corner, and today, hit the thrift store! It was a very long, slow walk...but so good to get out. Tonight? With enough dedication, I'll find out that Jordan Catalano can't read.

Oh, and Sarah sent me fifteen pounds of candy. Come eat some.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


MRSA = SARS, MRSA = MENSA, etc, progression, math:
I should be able to beat Marilyn on Big Brain Academy by the time she gets back from PR. Tomorrow.

Other stuff.
I have imbibed so much media in the past two days. Room for so much more. People brought me awesome food. And the really good ones rub cream into your scar.

I can't decide what to do about hair, all the sudden the rest feels SO LONG and the short bits seem to be growing like crazy.

Anyway. More pictures on Flickr and Facebook and places hidden around the net*.

Lesson learned tonight: "Wyoming" code for "Korea", answer.

*not really

Saturday, March 14, 2009

day five

and my Mother has worn out her welcome.
Here's my sweet hair/incision.
Image Hosted by
Favorite presents: Polaroids from C, lottery tickets from Platt, and the St Patricks flowers from Dan K, Woods and Gallman. Oh, and a magazine of unattainable "short hairstyles" from Genna.


Dear Everyone.
I'm back at home after five days at Jefferson. Everyone was really good there, they got out 99% of tumor (good, cause they skipped the faze paralyzing part), and I'm feeling medium-good.
A little headaches, haven't gone to the bathroom bathroom since Monday, and found out I'm a MRSA carrier (but not infected?).
I have pictures from the hospital that I'll post later, just wanted to say I'm okay. Thanks to everybody who came to hang out, sorry I was so sleepy all the time.
Gonna go try for a shower, I smell like hospital and blood and pee and armpits.
Benign in 2k9

Monday, March 9, 2009


T-17 hours (or something) til I have to count backwards from a hundred or say boys names in alphabetical order*.
My surgery is early early tomorrow AM at Jefferson.
No, I don't have a room number yet, but there's some people you could call. Maybe Thursday or something - Tuesday and Wednesday look a little bleak.

Reminder (to me): try to ask surgeon to keep part of skull.
Wish me luck!

*these are things they've had me to do distract me while putting me under. I'm better and one than the other.

Friday, March 6, 2009


I now have the haircut of a skater boy from the early 90's. And I like it.

Thanks Amber.

Thursdays are for geeking out

Yesterday I played D'n'D (still not doing so well guys. I don't have a weapon, and chose all the wrong skills), then got my Wii hacked (come over and play Mario Kart!), then went to midnight Watchmen.
Watchmen was good, but very long (maybe just cause it was in the middle of the night), and the soundtrack was like one of those facebook tests where you hit random from your iTunes and fill in some questions on a form and they're supposed to be poignant answers or whatever (that's my way of saying it was weird, and at times, inappropriate).
I don't understand why sometimes (most times) Dr. Manhattan was naked, and sometimes he had his little outfit on.
Image Hosted by
I mean, I understand that sometimes everybody is naked, and sometimes they have clothes on, and sometimes handsome suits, but there didn't seem to be a ton of rhyme or reason.
After the movie I totally beat Conrad in a Mind Sprint on Big Brain Academy - remember, Rob? I later let him win at Brain Quiz so he didn't feel so bad.

Oh, and I just remembered my other favorite part about the movies last night:
When they were showing a preview for Observe and Report (or, "Other Mall Cop" starring Seth Rogen), which is about slapstick humor and hot girls getting flashed and stuff, the girls behind us kept talking about how it was "artfully shot". They were serious.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

one last girl's night before the knife

Last night, I let the girls* dress me up/do my makeup & hair/pose me/take 100 pictures. It was really funny. Leslie told me I was bad at it, and "easily distracted", but that's only because my friends do a lot of funny things, and the Real World was on.
Image Hosted by
It was out of my comfort range.

We also made/ate food that looked like this.
Image Hosted by

*mostly Leslie, who talks about starting a business doing this, and a little big Marilyn, Nikki and Liza.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I don't have a nose ring, but not in the way that I don't have a tattoo.

the preventor

Last night we went and saw Taken.

Gallman reccomends it!
A lot of karate punches to the throat to make familial reconciliation a reality.

Conrad taught me:
The way to make girls like you is to punch other boys.

Monday, March 2, 2009


Dear Fran,
I haven't really been reading your blog: (1) I don't remember to until I finally log into myspace and it reminds me, and (2) it's so full of spoilers lately! But guess what? I'm back in the Lost game, and recently watched 5,1. Soon I'll be all caught up, and will read everything you wrote about Lost (at least once).
Anyway, here's the real thing. People who aren't me, and who aren't on myspace want to read your blog too*. Have you thought about starting a real one? Like on blogspot, or that other website? It's easy, and fun!
Stop being so selfish,

you could put movies on it too probably. I'm not totally sure.

*see comment on previous post "homework"

Sunday, March 1, 2009

wkends are for revisiting

This weekend was all about after parties with neo-No-Pants, trying to rescue the princess, dinner parties, out-of-towners, killing zombies, Royal, riding my scooter again, first time Ikeaing, and even a little bridge. Slow paced and (in retrospect) kind of...jam packed? I'm even back on tiny computer.