Thursday, May 27, 2010


Been on foot and on bike more than ever lately.  Here's something I like:

These funny little dancing guys that are around?  I don't know anything about them.  They're just paste ups and it seems like they're concentrated in No Libs?

The even better thing is that in some places, on some buildings, they multiply into dance parties.

I don't know if we roll in the right crowd to know anything about them, but maybe?  There's so many.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

mighty, 2

Yesterday I got a package from Mighty Taco.

No, Sarah, it did not have tacos in it.  But it did have a letter from their CEO (who thought my taco painting was very artistic), and a Mighty Taco hat.  Like the one I wore when I worked there for 2 weeks.  Isn't it funny?

They told me to "HAVE A SUPER MIGHTY DAY!"

The letter writing has caught on, and a certain friend of ours just got a free bowling party as a response! 

Other news is:  grills, pool parties, mojitos.

Monday, May 24, 2010


Well, LOST is over.  We hashed it out as much as I ever want to on the four and half minute walk home.   I feel disappointed, a little tricked, and mostly relieved it's over.  So ends a saga.    I kind of feel the same way I do when I think back about brushing my teeth for all those years.  What a joke.

Let's see.  We're getting an official fourth weekend-roommate for the summer (here's a hint: it's Amanda), we did some birthdays this weekend, and some pool party.  In case you were wondering, that little pool we have in our yard comfortably holds about 15 shivering cold people late at night.  Also turns our dining room into a swamp when every one comes inside but WHO CARES.   See pictures of cold people in underpants in the pool over at Marilyn's blog.

Potential buyers came through to see our house on Sunday (because, if you didn't know, it's STILL FOR SALE for some crazy unattainable number).  I can only what people think and say when they come over and see this.  Especially on a morning after a late night pool party.  Yikes?
No skin off my back.

We're probably moving (sorry, new neighbors) - but not til summer's over.  Picture something like this:
It's farther away, and we'll be harder to visit, but when you do come to see us, we'll be so fancy, K?

For now, we're concentrating on getting the most out of the pool and the grill, and trying to plan a cat wedding photo shoot.  And (yesterday) eating as many Mexican meals as possible in one day.


Friday, May 21, 2010


Letter writing is going pretty good.  I kind of feel like I'll just have a wallet full of gift cards at the end.

Today?  I kind of feel like writing to SwissMiss. Or London Fog, but feeling uninspired.  Any better ideas?

In other news, almost all of my upcoming plans involve some sort of pool.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Last night I took a good, solid, after-work nap (which I needed - you know, cause I stayed at El til midnight the night before because I am a crazy party animal).
Anyway, I was tired. So I did this nap, went out, came home, and decided to try to go to bed early-ish.  And that then that thing happened, where if you sleep too much, you don't sleep well, and then maybe you have bad dreams.

Last night I had this dream that was a new (urban) twist on an old nightmare.  When I was a kid, we switched from a very conservative Lutheran church to a wacky Pentecostal church.  So, from maybe age 7 - 12(?)  I was exposed to all the things that those churches do, including this play:
A lot of churches do this play.  If you don't know about it, it's this play/evangelism tool where all these different scenarios happen, and good people and bad people make life decisions and end up in Heaven (a sparkly set playing the Hallelujah Chorus), or Hell, which is (for a seven year old) graphic and scary and dark and strobe lights, and metal.  You invite your friends, and they get scared into getting saved.
Anyway, it wasn't even the "Hell" part that was scary (for me), but this one scene, about "bad" teenagers (who were played by youth group kids wearing leather jackets and bandanas) who are shooting up with an unnamed drug, and overdose.   I was SO SCARED about this part.  Not the part that one went to heaven and one to hell, but the actual sticking a needle in your arm, and the psychedelic light show that followed.

So, I used to have these nightmares, where I was running around, playing in the creek near our cottage, and these scary teenagers would come up, and chase me down with an ENORMOUS (like 3') syringe, squirting drugs all over, and trying to stick it in my arm.  Sounds dumb, but really scary.
Anyway, last night, I had kind of the same dream, but darker (as in it was night out, it was under the El, and it wasn't teenagers in leather, but instead was actual drug addicts that I wouldn't be surprised to see in real life).  Same giant syringe and everything.  There was a plot too, but I won't bore you further.

I guess two things are the point.  1) I need to work a little bit at getting the right amount of sleep, because graphic dreams like that seem to only happen when I sleep WAY too much.  2)  Are churches still making this play?  It was pretty bad.  Like, production value is one thing, but even if you're inclined to believe in the heaven/hell thing, this play can't be portraying it in any sort of way that God would be okay with.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Thinking about moving is right in our sites again, and while it's far-far-far from confirmed, I can't help but think about new ideas for new rooms.
Take for example this Polaroid wall Elizabeth is working on.  Pictures + 3M double sided tape.  Brilliant.  (And probably so much better than the rubber cement I've been known to use in the past).  Thanks Beta.

Monday, May 17, 2010

pool party

You probably heard that we're grounded, and someone (Ralph?) took our firepit.
Don't freak out.  We (Kimmy) promptly replaced it with a NEW POOL!
I just can't wait for some hot days to come, so seven of us* can hang out and have a pool party!

We have pool chairs!  Chemicals!  A pump!  Hopefully some sort of fountain light show too, but not yet.  It's on my list today.

Special thanks Ryan Anderson, for helping with set up, and Gallmans, for the water.

*the box the pool came in shows a family of seven comfortably hanging out inside this pool.


You know, you just put out the word and it happens.  Every night this weekend. (Well, almost).
Still haven't been to the one at El Vez ever.  Maybe someday...

Friday, May 14, 2010


I forgot, I saw another movie while I was "recovering".  The Square (and a short, accompanying movie The Spider).  I gasped out loud a ridiculous number of times during this movie.  (Every time there was a graphic/gory mishap, I gasped.  Even if it was a "saw THAT coming" type thing.  It got me every time).

Australian, "noir", and a bummer.  There's a couple, and they're in love, so they're working on getting some money together so they can escape their mundane lives and live the dream.   They hatch a plan, talk each other into it, and then Everything Goes Wrong.
It's a lot of money stealing, blackmailing, arson, motorcycles in the rain, body hiding type stuff, but not in the thriller way, more of in the giant disappointment way (not to say the movie itself was disappointing). 

Like in real life, when you have this plan, and it's going to be fun and easy!  And then every single thing goes wrong and you don't even want to do your plan anymore, and you miss a call or turn the wrong way and you end up poor, or broken, or with less friends or something.    I think we all had a little of that Lars von Trier sentiment on our way out of the movies.

It was alright.  We were going to see the Good the Bad and the Weird, but I didn't feel up to Korean subtitles.

Maybe this weekend I'll see Robin Hood?

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Last night, after a LOST*, I went upstairs with an Arby's bellyache**.  I've got this whole stack of photobooth pictures, and I've even purged them a couple times, so it's mostly the good ones left.  Or the funny ones.

Anyway.  I went through them, and they're really nice to have.  I miss going to photobooths.  Not enough to get delve into a Barbary II phase or anything, but I wish I hit one once in a while - it's been a long time.  Can anyone think of where there is one?  Someplace more fun than K-Mart, the Spaghetti Factory, or the Barbs?

*LOST was weird.  Funny hints and clues, but the whole time I'm thinking "If I had just started watching this show, I would think it was the dumbest ever, and would NOT give it a second chance".  So, good thing the show didn't start in 23AD, cause that's where it would have ended (for me).

**After seeing some houses in the 'hood, Kimmy and I couldn't decide where to eat.  This was my foray back into the real-food world, and obviously, Arby's was the dumbest choice you can think of.  I don't know how we landed on that.

Sunday, May 9, 2010


My house got in trouble.  By the "neighborhood committee" (can that even be real)?  And the fire department.
There won't be any more late night noisy parties.  There won't be any more bonfires.  Sorry.
But we did get a pool.

Saturday, May 8, 2010


Surgsies yesterday.  It was regular.
The anethesiologist asked me why I had this "fall risk" bracelet on my wrist.  I told him that the nurse put it on me, and told me that they put it on everyone who had surgery.  Anethesiologist started laughing (at me?).  Oh.

I'm okay, it's not so bad as they said it would be.  Not at all.  Maybe that's the drugs talking though.


In 24 hours, I managed to see more than a lot comic book movies. First I saw Iron Man 2, which was all action all the time. Or at least it was every time I woke up. I think Filardi summed it up best when he said it was "where everyone gets to be Iron Man". There's like a million Iron Men (guys and borgs), tons of explosions, and a ton of witty one-liners from RDJ.

My first night home from having no-more-tonsils, we went and saw Kick Ass. I had only heard bad things (mostly from boys who are into comics), and then I ended up liking it okay. I was also really tired (big day), and on lots of pain killers, and Josh said at one point during the movie he thought I passed out because he couldn't hear me breathing. But I think I remember it all? It was kind of intense, because even though it was jokey and super fiction-y, it still kind of shook me up, these kids killing all the bad guys.

Anyway. Those are my vague recollections of some movies I saw this weekend. More soon, and hoepfully next time with more detail.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


We had a few people over, listened to Mexican music, and burned all the new 2x4's my landlord left in my yard for his building project.
Cory and Mo of My Jello Americans whipped up a bunch of super tasty treats.  The strawberry rhubarb margarita jello shots were the biggest hit.
A lot of guacamole came our way too, and if you were part of that: thanks.

Also, this might be no thing to you, but we've been waiting FOREVER for it, and now we have a sliding glass door, because we're fancy girls.  Soon, we'll even have a screen.

The dumb part is that the wall that's not there anymore is, instead, all over my  yard.  Good job stepping around it, everyone.  I'm all fingers crossed that it'll be gone when I get home tonight.  LIKE MY TONSILS WILL BE TOMORROW.
 Anyway, you might not hear from me in blog world for a minute.  It's not like I have a laptop and can sit around all day blogging (really), but I will be available for milkshake trips, hopefully movie theatres, etc. for about a week - then back to the old grind.


Keeping writing letters.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I've thought about some other ways I wouldn't mind getting paid, if paying bills wasn't a thing:

ModCloth $
popcorn (airpopped, with real butter)
naps in air conditioned rooms
inches of hair
volume of eyelashes
cold on hot days, warmth on cold days
great tights (everyone seems to love welovecolors?)
indestructible teeth
feather light bicycles for me and all my friends
American Apparel basics (hate to love)
a real cat haircut at a place
+ a couple inches height, - a couple pounds flesh
frames (BIG frames)
trips (big or small)
a cleaning service, maybe once a month? for the nitty gritty
inspiring running shoes
sunglasses worth taking care of
JambaJuice (or whatever, really) smoothies
really good cable channels (Comcast are you listening?)
boat life


Here's some things that aren't related:

This is happening with more regularity, and I've bit the bullet (so to speak) and will be seeing a "real" dentist soon.  I have an appt with one I've seen before, and like, but taking recomendations because I kind of want to shop this out.
Also, I'm thinking of enrolling in this Aetna Vital Savings plan - anyone know anything about it/have any experience with it?

This weekend, the second time we watched Swiss Family Robinson, MLB got a new girlfriend.  Her name is Raincloud (named after the late "Raincloud" - Kimmy's family cat), she might be a boy, and she belongs to our neighbors who fight in the street over wheelchairs hitting cars.  Anyway, they were pretty Romeo and Juliet, separated by that window screen.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

resume buildin

(here's a picture of Josh and a shark.  I told the shark it was Josh's birthday.)

This weekend, at the ballgame, I got to be a secret beer shopper!
It goes like this:  they give you money, follow at a distance, and you pick the server who looks "most likely to serve an underage girl".  Order the beer, report back, keep the beer, keep the change.  Okay!

Monday, May 3, 2010

kill zone

Sunday night, some people were over and (after Celebrity Apprentice) ended, we were watching an A+E special on murderers.
BANG (x5), which I obviously thought was fireworks, but everyone else immediately identified as gunfire.  There was a drive-by on the corner (2nd and Oxford).  No one was hurt, and (to be honest) no one seemed that worried about it (not even the guy who's car got shot).  Some of the neighbors came out, and the family of the shot-at.  Police came, the helicopter swooped around for a few, and they taped up the whole intersection as a crime scene.  Minimum amount of flashing lights.  We watched it all from the roof and had beers.  I kept wanting a CSI team to come up and bag the shot casings, but that never happened, or maybe I went to bed too early (which was late).

Is it weird that it didn't make any of us super scared?  I really don't feel too upset about it.  It was like watching tv.


So, the letter writing campaign has been going pretty well.  Or at least, way better than other things.

It seems that people are generally very responsive when you put pen to paper.  This time:  movie tickets*!

I'm having a hard time coming up with more (letters to write).  "Maybe next year Sabres?" 
I don't know that I want to delve into the food products realm yet, but maybe.

*like I need them.