Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I turned 30 and took a bunch of bad photographs (but it was fun).

Friday, August 24, 2012

peace out

Today, the last day of work at a job I've been at for forever.  Starting in one hour, I'll be at best floundering between underemployed and unemployed, living a budget lifestyle that I think I remember from being 22.

This weekend, 30th birthday.  Feels both like a big deal and exceptionally not a big deal.

Monday at 8am, I start my THIRD year of grad school (end plz?), which will include a lot of making stuff by hand, and a lot of serious, heavy paper writing.

Best way to mark this transitional moment?  In a photobooth, wearing glasses.

Lil PowWow

Some lessons.
Know what baby headdresses (as in, headdresses for babies) fit perfectly in?

Cigar boxes!  Know who thinks it's kind of weird-funny?  Dudes at cigar store.

Whatevs.  Here's a tiny headdress I made for my girl Nikki's soon-to-be-born baby Louie.  Making things smaller-than-they-ought-to-be is pretty fun.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fujifilm 210

In a backwards sort of shopping event (like buying a dress to match the shoes), I bought this camera, because the film was real cheap. It is HUGE. If you know cameras at all, you know that Holga next to it is no small machine.  Dwarfed.

Anyway, so far so good - I've taken two pictures now and I feel ready to offer a formal recommendation for this gigantic Japanese gem.  

Monday, August 20, 2012

arrow plant

(Again) my latest, lush jungle plant was dying.  My bathroom smelled a little bad.  My kitten, as it turns out, was digging up in the plant (there was a lot of ground area...a lot of easily moveable dirt...) and PEE'D in it.  More than once, I suspect.
So: out with that plant (sorry, Dracena, you would have been great if your leaves weren't so delicious looking, and your ground such a litter box), and in with a this pretty, varigated, healthy looking yucca.  I'm 95% sure it's The One.

To prevent kitten indecencies, some vintage arrows.  GOOD LUCK GETTING IN THERE TO DIG AROUND NOW, Kitten.

We'll see how this works out (as far as...looks and feels. My actual hope is that this yucca finds my bathroom a perfect habitat for multiplying and filling that entire container with it's own impenetrable spikes.
For now? I think this solution is super great.  I knew I needed those arrows for something.

Thursday, August 9, 2012


This week is my sister's (40th!) birthday, which means it's my 30th birthday soon. Phew. Time flying or something.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


the best part:  customized to-do lists take on an air of importance
the worst part:  deciding if stamp lives at home or work


Here's the best invention* you've ever seen or heard of -

shower remote.  You're welcome.

*"invention" obviously used fast and loose.

Monday, August 6, 2012


This was maybe going to be a little bit of a DIY post, but it's actually even less than that. A very short version of how to make a window plant shelf for barely any money.

2x4, saw, paint

cleats made from 2x4 bits, Dremel (to fit window mouldings), paint

drill pilot holes

screws, plants (and a hard to see, dark photo).  Done.

It's a window shelf that for some reason, I've been dying to have in my life. Martha had a great version on her site like a year(+?) ago, and ever since, I've been itching for one.

My house doesn't get tons of sun, and keeping a plant on the actual window sill seems like it's awfully tempting to Team Cat, so this is such a good solution. Especially when winter hits and I have to move a few of my littler guys inside. It's the little things, no?

(Oh, and as a sidenote, I definitely finally gave up on the latest avocado growing adventure, and realize maybe I'm just not cut out for farming the green guys. Moral: know your strengths?)