Friday, April 30, 2010


This might be TMI.

Here's my tonsils (and, if you look real close, you can see a hint of two blue teeth there on the left).

They're those gross puffy guys at the back (in case you didn't know.  Josh.)

One week from today (May 7, which is also the opening day of Iron Man 2, so maybe I'll be tired on surgery day from midnight movie-ing?), they're out.  I've been waiting for a while to do this, and it wouldn't really be spring til I got a surgery and had to take off work and watch a lot of tv, right?

Thursday, April 29, 2010


I've been doing this thing lately, trying to send more letters. Not really to people, but to corporations, celebrities, or movie theatres.  So far the topics have been "you're great", "you're not so great", and "OMG, do you know about my friend?".  (The latter, below, is today's installment).
I'm trying to use up some stationary that's been in my work desk since I got this job in 2007.  It's so easy to find corporate addresses online!
Accepting ideas, expecting results.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Nothing like brand new kicks to make you feel fresh.

Other things seem to be working out all around me too, and tonight I'm having breakfast for dinner.  Which is great. 

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Emails from Kim sometimes look like this:

Minute ≠ actual minute  

Yard ≥ ∑girl ± (ben gallman + morgan)


This weekend, I tried (with Kimmy's help) to give MLB a haircut.

He received half a haircut, because he was a big jerk, and cut up my hand, so now he looks like the dumbest cat (obviously, it's very hard to tell from this picture, but hopefully you can tell how choppy it is), and I don't care cause he deserves it.

(I do care a little, and might try to touch it up sometime this week, but not without a little cat sedative.)

(Also, last night, someone gave us a replacement tv.  I went to get it out of the back of the car, and it had shifted, and fell on my leg.  And then fell into the street.  We're all a little banged up.)

Monday, April 26, 2010


This weekend, after someone was "too hot" for bridge (a joke, kind of, about broken air conditioners), I ended up going to see Date Night*, that one with Tiny Fey and Steve Carrel.

In this movie, the two stars pretty much play the same characters they play on their respective sit-coms, which might be them playing themselves in real life.  You know this if you saw the preview, but it's a case of mistaken identity thing, and they end up being responsible for procuring a flash drive with incriminating evidence on it.
Which obviously brought up this girl:
Anyway, it's like this:  they have a boring married life, case of mistaken identity, troubles/tribulation, fall back in love.  My mom would have liked it, if not for all the swearing.

Like The Happening, and so many others before and after it, the best (and maybe only good) part of this movie was Mark Wahlberg.
The worst part was the integration of spy-action movie and romantic comedy.  And the outtakes at the end.  Do you want to watch outtakes of 30 Rock?  No?  You only want to see the good jokes, delivered correctly?  Oh, me too.
The movie was also very loud, which is fine for me, but also slightly out of focus, the whole time.   I should write a letter to Riverview prob.

*somewhat ironically, considering who I went with and how much it wasn't a date.

Friday, April 23, 2010


Today Chloe (who I babysit, and who is five) came into my office (to visit her dad, who is my boss).  She drew me a picture of a peanut, one of her favorite foods.

all yellow

Crown lengthening, then root canals, then temp crowns, then gold, right?

Not it your temporary crowns keep falling off.

(A long time ago HZ gave me this tiny tooth box. Who knew I'd have such a good reason to use it?)
Anyway, I decided to take a whole day off next week, spend it with the dentist(s). Get molds for golds done, and not go back for a while. I've got to take a few weeks of my dental journey anway to get un-tonsiled.

Also: how yellow are my teeth!? Even the ones that aren't real?

In other news, I sent that check  yesterday, a tuition deposit for getting my MEd in Art education at Tyler.  Whew.  Still apprehensive about it.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

school, again!?

I started college TEN YEARS ago (this fall) with this same dumb haircut, and haven't been able to get past it.
I think this might be it though. Pushing scissors-as-a-way-to-deal out of my life. Hello, ponytail summer.

I told myself I'd decide about school today. Which means sending in that first check. I feel pretty good about it, and probably will. No reason not to, right?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


My life looks a lot like Marilyn's blog, but with more sleeping. (In case you were wondering).

A couple things that happened:

(On the subway, on the way to a Phillies game)
a young dad who obviously doesn't see his kid that much: "So, who do you like better...the Phillies or the Ninja Turtles?"
-----long pause-----
kid: "Dad. I just don't know. That's really hard."

Last night we went to Maggiano's, in New Jersey because we had two gift cards for there. I can't remember the last time I ate so much food, or took home so many paper towels (that's for you Melissa).

Let's see, what else.
I'm having a(nother) little surgery, May 7. Out with the tonsils. Hopefully will be back in the (work) game after a week, but before that, I'll be available for very much couch sitting. Trying if I want to try and handle that one-a-day internetting/art project that month.

My Dad came to town. We did the usual yard stuff, grilled, watched playoff hockey and Prison Break, played cards. It was good.

We have a coyote now.


Here's a picture of about how much popcorn I could/do eat in a day.

It's terrible for your teeth, especially if you have halfsies, but it tastes so good.
More substance soon.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Al again

Dad: "...Will bring Sahlens, vino, bed, dead animal, eagle thing, glass shelf, and anything else I think of.
love you, Dad"

Me: "hmm...I wonder what an "eagle thing" could be? See you Saturday"

Dad: "It is from Panama."

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

going Green

This weekend we went and saw a movie (the kind you have to purchase tickets for and everything). The new Noah Baumbach jawn, Greenburg, in which Ben Stiller is introspective and crazy and tries to get girls, get over his band (because he's forty), and be okay.

While we were watching it, it was easy to draw some comparisons - it was like trying to watch one of our friends (mixed with another person) trying to date that same first friend. I know that's confusing, but people tend to get really sensy when they get ref'd, so I'll skip the Reveal and just say that it felt medium plausible.
Lots of teen partying, super awkward almost-sex scenes, sick pets. You know.

So basically, the best part of this movie is that to curb his OCD or whatever, Greenburg writes/narrates these letters to corporations, sick burning them on their subpar products/services, and one gets published in the Times. I'm somewhat of a mailer myself, and often think of Letters I'd Write to Companies, and sometimes I write them, and sometimes if I write them I send them, and the next day, I did just that.
Then yesterday, this letter (that I wrote to Root, a "thank-you for the prize/it was good" kind of thing) is on their blog, and (I guess) got tweeted? and a hundred people told me about it.
So, Greenburg, I believe it's come full circle. Or something.

Monday, April 12, 2010

back to weekends

There was probably ten funny things this weekend, I was probably asleep for...three or four.

I recently got called out as being the only person who would get pulled over on a bicycle. Similarly, Kimmy and I are the only people I know about who would go 10 blocks in the wrong direction in a taxi, and then get pulled over because the cab went the wrong way on a one way street, then argued with the cop. Awesome.

Our outfits were pretty good (in a sea of black tie formal). One guy told me I could "scalp him, anytime".

(here's it, on a deer, not on me)

I won a prize.
Gift certificate, chalk (more useful than you think),

a bottle of Root (which we drank Saturday night, and made me miss the rest of fun things that happened).

We danced with the funniest boys Friday night, who got Marilyn and I confused. How does this happen to me and everyone. I was wearing a GOLD MEDAL!? It shouldn't have been so hard.

Saturday people came to our house. Three boys who probably got pretty annoyed that I called all of them "Sarah Jessica Parker" all night, and some regulars. Ryan killed a rat with a pellet gun. (See Marilyn's or Kimmy's blog for details, if you must).

Then I went to sleep, too early, after too much Root, and missed all the other fun parts. No big deal. I had movies to see the next day anyway.


Sunday afternoon, I was out scavenging for some firewood scraps (we still have 94 fires to go or something), and our (pretty weird) neighbor said he had some sticks for us.
So he pulls up this giant van, full of wood.

We got some. (This neighborhood is so funny).
This morning he tried to give us more.
Anyway, now all of you boys that complain about us not having the in between sizes of firewood can take heart and know your scout skills will flourish.

A weak weekend (the post, not the weekend itself) coming up later, with kind of bad pictures.
For now, working on a tiny painting called REASONS WHY WE DON'T SEE EACH OTHER, and contemplating the number of Dunkin Donuts receipts in my bag.

Friday, April 9, 2010


If you live around, you probably see these chips a lot.

Obviously, we talk about dressing up as the Homegirls. Maybe for Halloween, but probably just for fun.
Every time people are talking about who would be who, there's a little debate about if Kimmy or Marilyn should be Kathy (with the shades) or Maria (with the button fly jeans), but always everyone knows I would be Rasheeda. It's like an obvious match to people. Which is fine, but weird.

Tonight is more other costumes, pictures someday.

And, I have late night rainy bike ride hair that I haven't gotten to wash. It's bad. And all this black dandruff from burning my scalp last week and then dying it black. Cool.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


This post is to demonstrate that I'm not all gross frozen microwave meals, all the time.

Fruit! From the cart on the corner of 13 and Chestnut. You can have it all blended up into a smoothie (which is also so good), or get it to go, like this. THREE DOLLARS! (For the record, I know that's probably grocery store comprable, but these guys do all the work for you! No slicing pineapple and peeling mangos! You just eat it!)

Gyro. $4, from my other cart (Broad and Sansom). Oh man, so good. And they have tomatoes in it, which pretty much means it's healthy, I think.

Trader Joe's baby pineapple. So so hard to eat, but really good. And pretty.

See, I don't eat all garbage all the time, I promise. Just some garbage, some of the time.


Here's three things that are kind of gross:

Sometimes I drool/bleed on my pillowcases. I'm having a lot of stuff done inside my mouth.
It's kind of okay, it certainly keeps me changing my sheets often.

I get excited every time we kill a rat. This guy is the latest (but not so recent). Number six.

My home computer is disgusting. I barely ever use it (is that an excuse?), and the keyboard is the sickest mess of cat hair, and dust bunnies, and weird sticky spots.

I hope you still like me.


In the tradition of Mindy Kaling, here's a list of Things That I Bought (lately) That I Love:

AA Cycling Shorts.
I bought these like a week ago. They were probably too expensive for what they are, and I did have to set foot in the store to get them, but so far, I think they were totally worth the money and the trip. I've worn them almost every day since I've had them. As usual, I've been biking a lot, and wearing a lot of short skirts, and I'm finding these shorts a great tights alternative. Chloe calls them "tiny leggings" which is what they are.
This actually makes me want to have more stuff from that morally questionable store.

Covergirl Outlast Lipstain. Drew Barrymore is in the ads for these. When I wear it, it makes me feel like a fancy lady who wears lipstick, but it's a little easier, and not as gunky. Usually if I wear it, I follow up with regular Burt's Bee's peppermint jawn, and it's great.

Dunkin Donuts Coffee Coolatta. It's even fun to order. "Coolatta". Only for the hottest days, and only with skim milk (otherwise, it's a little too milk-shakey, even for me).

Coming up: two more posts.
Things That I Eat That I Love
Ways I Am Gross
(all sets of three. Hopefully all today. Maybe tomorrow, Things That We Made That I Love?)

Monday, April 5, 2010


Marilyn has a new blog, just pictures of hangouts this summer.

Read her at
We have this goal of bbq-ing and everything at least a hundred times this summer. Everyone keeps saying it's going to be too hot to keeping bonfiring, but I'll believe when I see it.

Yesterday, to celebrate Jesus's resurrection, Kimmy and I strung blue xmas lights on 30' bamboo poles and connected them to our fence. The lights drape between the tops of the two poles, forming a sort of giant capital M. It looks super weird, and we're calling it the field goal for now. Hopefully we'll come up with a better plan for it soon.
It's weird that Marilyn doesn't have any pictures of that.

We've also been shooting bbs at beer cans and Addidas sandals. I've got some more pictures along those lines that maybe I'll post later, or might just show up on Flickr. My arms are sorer than they should be. Way sorer. Sorer?

Sunday, April 4, 2010


My dad sent me an Easter card.

I really like to think of him, at the drugstore, picking out a sparkly card and thinking, "hmm...I could turn this into a joke about their rat problem..."

Friday, April 2, 2010

hbd, kk

two-five again? Is that what you said?

Birthday-ing tonight.


Last night I spent most of the night dying my hair. I was ready for blonde.
5 processes later, I had orange. Just, orange. And my scalp hurt really bad. And NBC didn't even have any new shows on. What?
If you know me, you know I'm no stranger to the blonding process, I know it takes lots of dedication, lots of time, and a willingness to let aspirations of healthy hair wither up and die.

I got halfway there, and hit a roadblock. Orange. Orange. Orange again.
There must have been something kind of red from something on the bottom half, cause I just couldn't power through it.
Woke up at 7 this morning, and back to black.
gif maker
Here's a little slideshow, where I don't have a mouth.
There's one weird spot of blonde hair in the middle of the back. I'm going to wait a few before I fix it.


Here are two lunches. One was good, one was gross. Guess!

Okay, you got it. Lean Pockets something with artichoke and cheese and chicken something was delicious! Who doesn't love a Hot Pocket spin off?
The second one, which was just Stouffer's fettucini alfredo was g-r-o-s-s. You can probably tell. Sorry and limp and all one (gross) color. I sometimes get tricked because Stouffer's has no pretense about being healthy or good for you, which (like Applebee's or something) should mean it tastes okay? That's probably the dumbest rationale, but in my head, something that's exceptionally unhealthy should at least taste good. This did not.

(And, just so you guys know. I don't eat this garbage every day. I try to bring leftovers from a real dinner, or whip something up, or...something. But sometimes? I eat frozen meals. If you're especially repulsed by this, you can make me lunch to take to work, or take me on a lunch date.)

Thursday, April 1, 2010


This weekend I went and saw Alice in Wonderland.
I had a general predisposition to not like it, but mostly because of the old Disney one, which was too dark and scary for little me.
The new one is dark and scary too! But 27 year old me can handle it. There's this one great scene where Alice is crossing the moat, jumping from decapitated head to decapitated head, and they're just floating, being dead.

On the way there, we drove next to this truck for a while

and tried to imagine the hilarious things that were going to happen when dude got out of his truck and slipped on that banana peel.


Yesterday we had spaghetti tacos for dinner (really). They went over exceptionally well, with zero leftovers. Even the pickiest of picky eaters seemed to enjoy them. I wish I had pictures of it, but you can imagine: spaghetti with sauce, meat, motz, taco fixings. Hard shells.

Rest of the evening was spent preventing people from pogo sticking off the deck railing (again: really).

We're getting new bf neighbors, and the place comes with a chandelier and a tiger painting. Lucky ducks.

How long can summer last? Forever?
We're trying to have 100 bbq's, and we're getting there.