Friday, April 23, 2010

all yellow

Crown lengthening, then root canals, then temp crowns, then gold, right?

Not it your temporary crowns keep falling off.

(A long time ago HZ gave me this tiny tooth box. Who knew I'd have such a good reason to use it?)
Anyway, I decided to take a whole day off next week, spend it with the dentist(s). Get molds for golds done, and not go back for a while. I've got to take a few weeks of my dental journey anway to get un-tonsiled.

Also: how yellow are my teeth!? Even the ones that aren't real?

In other news, I sent that check  yesterday, a tuition deposit for getting my MEd in Art education at Tyler.  Whew.  Still apprehensive about it.


r___anderson said...

what in the, is this tooth thing! i love teeth. and their shapes!

Bangs said...

It is a tiny tooth container. Not as tiny as teeth, but smaller than some other containers.