Wednesday, April 14, 2010

going Green

This weekend we went and saw a movie (the kind you have to purchase tickets for and everything). The new Noah Baumbach jawn, Greenburg, in which Ben Stiller is introspective and crazy and tries to get girls, get over his band (because he's forty), and be okay.

While we were watching it, it was easy to draw some comparisons - it was like trying to watch one of our friends (mixed with another person) trying to date that same first friend. I know that's confusing, but people tend to get really sensy when they get ref'd, so I'll skip the Reveal and just say that it felt medium plausible.
Lots of teen partying, super awkward almost-sex scenes, sick pets. You know.

So basically, the best part of this movie is that to curb his OCD or whatever, Greenburg writes/narrates these letters to corporations, sick burning them on their subpar products/services, and one gets published in the Times. I'm somewhat of a mailer myself, and often think of Letters I'd Write to Companies, and sometimes I write them, and sometimes if I write them I send them, and the next day, I did just that.
Then yesterday, this letter (that I wrote to Root, a "thank-you for the prize/it was good" kind of thing) is on their blog, and (I guess) got tweeted? and a hundred people told me about it.
So, Greenburg, I believe it's come full circle. Or something.

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