Thursday, April 8, 2010


Here's three things that are kind of gross:

Sometimes I drool/bleed on my pillowcases. I'm having a lot of stuff done inside my mouth.
It's kind of okay, it certainly keeps me changing my sheets often.

I get excited every time we kill a rat. This guy is the latest (but not so recent). Number six.

My home computer is disgusting. I barely ever use it (is that an excuse?), and the keyboard is the sickest mess of cat hair, and dust bunnies, and weird sticky spots.

I hope you still like me.


marilyn said...

that rat has yellow teeth.

pinchefresco said...

Also, the rat is in an American Apparel bag. The rat is a hipster.

lady.shiv said...

I definitely have drool stains on my pillow case. But I have no excuse.
And just noticed how gunked up my keyboard is. We're equally gross.

Drum said...

rats are people too?