Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Oxford St.

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Took some pictures around the house. They're on my Flickr.


I just wrote the boringest entry about weekends, bars in Philadelphia, taxi drivers, debit cards, etc.
It got too long.
Synopsis: no Ethiopian boyf, no money, no sd card reader, still no pictures on my blog.

Monday, September 28, 2009


Yesterday was Puerto Rican Independence Day*. A LOT of people were celebrating, mostly by driving REALLY FAST! With REALLY BIG flags on your car! With LOUD MUSIC!
It was kind of fun. While we watched Lost (I'm finally seeing season 5, thanks Ben), we played something like "watch for the biggest flag to drive by".
It's a whole different game than living in a Mexican neighborhood.

I also went to the movies this weekend! We saw The Informant, the "one where Matt Damon got really fat". Corporate genre-bender. I fell asleep a little bit at the beginning. Rob fell asleep a little bit in the middle. We all were awake for the end though, which was the best part anyway (probably). This movie was pretty good, but mostly because it's based on a true story, and watching someone else's personal crisis is allright.

A car accident woke me up today. Little crash, then yelling. That was it. New street is so noisy.

In other news, we've traded our d'n'd campaign for poker. What happened is, I got realistic with myself when we started talking outfits and voices. As far as poker goes, I'm obviously not great, but didn't lost the most last night, and will maybe even someday get better.

*from Spain. We weren't sure. We checked.

Friday, September 25, 2009


How come I haven't been to the movies in a hundred years? Doesn't anyone want to go?

printing out animals

Central America, here we come. Bought the flights a while ago (3 there, 3 back, x2) and they just finally went through. Or came out of my bank account. Or whatever. But now that I've paid, it makes it seem closer, even though it's still pretty far. We have no plans, except for "probably staying in San Jose the first night".

Had a deposition: lawyers are the worst (mine is alright). It was dumb. I do real bad at confrontation type stuff. Especially/specifically someone asking me lots of questions.

Got invited (by mail - real mail! Like a wedding invitation with a response card and everything! What?! Good job Culprete) to a party that would be fun. It's too far away though. And on too big a weekend. And I'm not sure if I'm trip-friends with the other person who would probably like this party.

Working instead on self-motivating, making things, etc. Maybe I need a life-coach.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


When you're finishing up your art degree, the professors all tell/teach you how to document your work, and make slides, and all that.
Then you graduate, move a hundred times, throw out all your dumb drawings, and it turns out, you might need them later. Oops.

Thinking about taking big tests, and school, and Taking Steps Toward Something, and everything. We'll see. Anyone in love with their program?

For tonight, I feel like outside movies and bonfires and popcorn. Which is probably why nothing happens...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

calendar, deux

Working on another art swap. It's smallish this time, so not everyone in the whole world can do it (aint no 50 states).
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It's a calendar.
It's little. It's prints.
(No firefighters, no babies. That part was kind of a joke.)

You might have gotten an email about it, but if you didn't and you should: email me, and we'll see if there's space.

Monday, September 21, 2009

plavacado fail, back in blog world

Don't expect anything too great here. I got bored with blogs (both reading and writing), and still am a little bit.

I wish I still had a real (working, digital) camera, because I have a lot of ideas, projects, and stories lately. I feel less inspired to post when I don't have the picture that goes along. Kind of like how no one (me) likes to read a magazine with out any pictures?

For now I'll just say that life in Kensington is pretty good. We have a couple replacement-taco places ("Que Chulas es Puebla"? The pretty house?). We have neighbors in a big, scary factory, and they let us throw a party there already, which was great. We have a yard that eats bikes:
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We have a deck and an ourdoor bar, and tiki torches!
We have visitors all the time. We have bonfires at night. (Mostly) everything is great.

Except this one thing.
You might remember that after months of waiting, I had an avocado plant? Well, first it blew off our deck railing. I tried to save it. Rats (I'm assuming. Something with rodent-y teeth) came and ate the leaves, the stems, and THEN THE MONTHS OLD AVOCADO. They left the pit there, like a teaser. This is what happens to my ten-year-plan avocado. My "plavacado", if you will. It gets killed.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

nameless holidays

Labor Day Weekend (also sometimes called "Memorial Day Weekend". By me) was really nice. We did another Honeoye trip. Philly, Long Island, Brooklyn, Buffalo: everybody came. Like a reunion.
This cottage that my family has on Honeoye Lake is pretty rustic. In a nice way. We grilled so much, bonfired, boated, tubed, swam, board games, everything. It was a good break from City.
And then I get home and the brunch that started at my house at noon or whatever (while I wasn't there) is still going strong at 9:30pm, and there was more bonfire and grilled food and casual hang out. It's like I can't get away from it, which is awesome.
There's a lot of good things happening, one dumb thing, and all the usual mundane things. Trips and parties coming up.