Friday, September 25, 2009

printing out animals

Central America, here we come. Bought the flights a while ago (3 there, 3 back, x2) and they just finally went through. Or came out of my bank account. Or whatever. But now that I've paid, it makes it seem closer, even though it's still pretty far. We have no plans, except for "probably staying in San Jose the first night".

Had a deposition: lawyers are the worst (mine is alright). It was dumb. I do real bad at confrontation type stuff. Especially/specifically someone asking me lots of questions.

Got invited (by mail - real mail! Like a wedding invitation with a response card and everything! What?! Good job Culprete) to a party that would be fun. It's too far away though. And on too big a weekend. And I'm not sure if I'm trip-friends with the other person who would probably like this party.

Working instead on self-motivating, making things, etc. Maybe I need a life-coach.

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