Thursday, September 30, 2010


This boy that I met on the El told me I better take a picture of this.  "Or else" implied.


Good news: not fleas.
Bad news: mosquitoes.  What?


I get a little crazy in my mind about Halloween/dressing up.  It's over a month away, I've already bought a couple
wigs this year.  Spent a while last night doing this self indulgent thing, taking pictures with the hopes of talking myself into growing my hair out.

(I don't usually do this kind of take-pictures-of-yourself thing, so I think it's funny/I hope you do too.)

Maybe if I had a little LOST experience (getting stuck on an island), or moved someplace where it was never hot, or someplace where there weren't scissors, or if I ended up somehow in a spot where I never got bored or dissatisfied, I could do it, like when Sarah went to Korea.  For now, $4.99 wigs from Target.  Amber:  keep me on track - we were doing so well before.  Stacked bob.

Also, there's this book at Anthro right now, old pictures of dogs in photobooths?  It's pretty funny.
Not in the way that like, I want it, but it's funny to imagine collecting these.  And it's funny that lots of people want to own it.  I can't remember why I thought of it.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Last night, in an effort to not spend the night reading boring books and watching Scully and Moulder again, I went and got Ry and we saw Wall Street:  Money Never Sleeps.
Probably don't see it if you're a girl with long hair who thinks maybe you want short hair.  I'm assuming you'd go home and cut your hair off. Carey Mulligan has the cutest hair cut ever.   If you do have short hair, you'll be mad it's not like hers.  Disappointment all around (we will never have her hair, her pretty dresses, her weird short-sleeve winter coat.)

30% of this film is about how rich ladies wear diamond earrings.  Non-integral to the plot, but seriously.  Tons of screen time given to this exploration of expensive, dangly, dripping-with-jewels earrings.

There's morals!  I think the morals are that having a baby or having $100M is really good.  Also being green.  A good way to be green is to make clean energy out of salty seawater and lasers.  Hope I didn't ruin this movie for you.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


yes and no

Some things I did not buy and some things I did buy.
(blue leather library chair and ottoman, at Goodwill in Nashville. $39.99).

(finger hooks from South Philly Jomar $.50, but only $.40 with my student discount, which is really paying off.)

Monday, September 27, 2010


This is just an idea I'm going to try out, instead of Flickr.  Pictures I might or might not use for school.

(I might get bored or quit or have to start a real website for school anyway, so don't get your hopes up.)

keeping hitching

We all went to this wedding this weekend.  Shayna
got married to Megan, at Megan's family's place in Nashville.

We stayed at a hotel, ate so much local cuisine from places called things like "Bar-B-Cutie", dressed up, took so many photographs.  I'm always stuck in this place where I don't know whether to put them on my blog, or FB or Flickr, so as usual, I'll do a little of each (that way if you care about it, you can search them out.  If not, you're not overwhelmed about it.
 The first night was this circus/Gaga thing.  We were 100% unprepared, but worked it out in the end:  Goodwill/Party City/sewing kit/etc.  We did alright.  Not as good as some people there, but pretty good.
The funniest parts were when Marilyn smacked a bag of popcorn right from my hands to the floor, because I'm not supposed to eat it, the cat that was so friendly, but also wasn't at all, and us *thinking* we were funny in the photobooth, and the fur coat I got at a thrift store.

I should work on a better retrospective that includes all  the Martha stuff, the art show in the trees, the company, etc.  Maybe someday.  For now, just some pictures.

Edit:  there's real pictures at this Joon Powell's blog.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Last week I did a little work* for Julius Scissor, so today (as payment?) I get to get my hair did.   He said he'd give me a haircut, but I told him I don't feel like I have enough hair for that.  So instead, "a little wacky color".

We'll see**.

* sending introduction emails to Joy Behar, along with pictures of Julius's new sculpture "Clown Penis", which you might have seen at Bambi in the Piazza.  Sorry I don't have any pictures.  It's made out of hair.

** I've been thinking about real blonde anyway.

Monday, September 20, 2010


We had a little birthday dinner for M last night.  No big deal, except for the foods people made, which were a big deal (thanks).

Now, some things about helium:
Hot air balloons Blimps.   Apparently *not* filled with helium.  It went like this:
   "Hey, what was inside the Hindenburg?"
   "Not helium."
No one knew the answer, but I guess nobody cared enough to whip out their fancy phones to look it up.  It's hydrogen, guys (in case it ever comes up in Jeopardy).

Next:  it would take SO MANY balloons to Up a cat.  We kind of gave it a try at the end of the night.

 Finally, a picture of a popped balloon based band that JB and Chelsea started.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


So...something I've never done before:  I'm really keeping a plant* alive!  I mean, we have a bunch in our house that are doing surprisingly okay, but I've never really had My Own Responsibility Plant before**.  It's so healthy, unlike my hair, my diet, and several habits.

Here it is, in my room.  My hope is that it'll get as tall as me someday (and be really hard to move, causing me to feel more settled and content in general.  Right?). 

*a money tree, no less!
**I did have one plant, started from an avocado.  Remember?  Didn't do so well.  Started great in South Philly, then we moved to Kensington, and rats.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


The best kinds of surprises are unexpected and come all the way from New York State.

 I had been pretty sick for a day or so, and then someone brought a whole bunch of Mighty Taco, straight from Buffalo.  Cured*.

*kind of.  I don't know.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Today I fed a horse a carrot.

The whole thing made me a tiny bit nervous - they have giant teeth and might want to bite your hand off.  But they don't actually want to.  And they don't.   So don't worry about it.

Friday, September 10, 2010


Not feeling very writey.

Trip this weekend.  Then some weddings.  Field trips.  I'll work on some stories.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


This truck?  Bane of my existence.  It leaks weird garbage onto our street, and makes the neighbors get in weird (but kind of funny) fights.  It's been out in front of our place since we moved in, has flat tires, and a rotating cargo of weird stuff that no one attends to.
Anyone have any suggestions about getting it moved?  I called some PPA number and they were going to "send an agent".  That was months ago.  It's like one of those "move it or lose it" things, but someone obviously wants to lose it, but won't.  Drives me crazy.  
Maybe you want something.  A ladder?  A camping chair?  A ceramic lamp that looks like a seashell?  An undriveable truck from NJ that has sweet flames? It's my understanding that they're yours for the taking.   2700 block of E. Lehigh.  (Please don't replace with your own shitty vehicle.)

Monday, September 6, 2010


Long weekends, right?  You get everything done.  Including putting tips on your cats.  Matt and Babycat got blue and purple soft paws, respectively.  They look awesome.  And no more scratching up the furniture.
(Update/edit:  we did this girl's too.)

say cheese

Last night was not the season finale of True Blood, but I still had some catching up to do with Everyone's Favorite Vampires.  So I was at my friend Nikki's house and we made a Paula Dean recipe that used about a hundred pounds of brie, and puff pastry, and boy was it good.

I've never eaten so much cheese in one night (probably).   The best part was definitely that it had (puff pastry) fangs.  We tried really hard, but did not eat all twenty eight servings.

Friday, September 3, 2010


I guess you know by now how awesome I think Cory and Mo's odyssey into the Jello world is.  (Me and everyone else in the world apparently - seriously, someone is writing about them or featuring them in some local publication like EVERY DAY).
Anyway, we had that JAWS/pool/grill/seafood party, and there were a lot of good parts (dying the pool red, the foods, being able to not care at all about the neighbors, one last time), and one of the best parts was the JAWS themed shots that Cory and Fran showed up with.

Some were shark teeth (with blood), some were sunken ships, and others had little gummi sharks swimming out of them.  Then, some were in my belly.  Thanks, My Jello Americans.  Sorry if you didn't get one, everyone else.

PS. There's also this really funny/cute video, where MJA makes a shot with the new Snap.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

clove don't (clon't)

I like to keep about 15 peppermint Burt's Bees lip balms around.  I switched out all petroleum chapstick last winter, and instead got real hooked on the good kind.

So then last week I couldn't find any in my purse, and I was at Target, so I went to get some more.  They didn't have my kind.  I tried out two new ones (the only two kinds they had) which turned out to be pomegranate (fine) and cloves (gross).  I used it and it was so so sick.  Not like being in a closed room when someone smokes cloves.  Not even like kissing someone who just smoked one.  Like putting a clove cigarette in your mouth, and chewing it up.

Do not like.  Thanks, but no thanks, Burt.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


In this quest for becoming more organized, I've been getting rid of lots of photographs.  Keepers?  Childhood, really really funny highschool/college, most things I have by Carina, and photobooth pictures.  How to sort photobooth pictures?
 Hard right?  Chronological seems easy, but too obvious.  Background color?  Hair color?  Company?  Wether or not there's kissing?   They didn't get sorted.  I couldn't even find them all anyway.
And then this guy.  Not the biggest helper.

cool (not)


Remember when I couldn't decide what to use my nook for?

Suitcases (and one cupcake) I guess.  They all Tetris in there pretty perfectly (there's one more floating around my room that fits in that spot), and there's no where else to put them.  Thanks anyway for the big ideas, guys.  Also, in case you were wondering, I love all white room.  I even already cleaned the floors, kind of.