Friday, February 27, 2009


Last night, in the grand tradition of trying to be Sarah, I played my first game of D&D.
I am a Tiefling Rogue.
Imagine something like this:
Image Hosted by
(Thanks, "Ghostfire" for the drawing.)
I thought I was going to be really good, but then I didn't really pull through helping the others kill the giant skeleton in the bathhouse.

We also have a lot of character-development type homework and worksheets, including questions about my character's greatest failures, long term goals, and the most horrible thing she's ever seen.

Also, Sandro (the DM) does a lot of voices, which is awesome.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

tumor town

Some new things:

This week I saw some doctors. It was fine, everything's good (except for the insurance/MRI-MRA thing, which will hopefully be resolved really soon). Oh and except they gave me living will/resuscitation forms that I just can't fill out. It's so dark.

Dr. tells me that because I'm young and healthy, I might not need to take off all of 4-6 weeks. Then today I read about Mark Ruffalo (who, surprise! had the same thing), and how he needed a whole year off after his acoustic neuroma surgery. I think he's probably just a pussy, but it did get him out of being in that M. Night movie, The Happening.

Then I read about scars (which are fine, probably the least worrisome part), and there's this "Magic Scarf" that AN patients mail to each other to wear while they have dumb haircuts and ugly scars. Magic Scarf!* What do you think it looks like? I can't stop thinking about the Traveling Pants.

Then I started reading about people getting droopy faced, and how that can last super long, and I got nervous and quit reading.

Lastly, a new side effect: I may not be able to produce emotional tears. We'll see...

*Just so you know, I'm not the "Sue" from the message boards.

22 of 25

I eat air-popped popcorn about ten times a week.

It might be a phase, but it might not be.

Popcorn at the movies is always a disappointment.


Last night was a really serious impromptu Fat Tuesday Wii session, and this morning I got to go to McDonalds for a b/e/c McGriddle, which is (sadly) one of my favorite foods.
Image Hosted by
It's made of pancakes. It was so good/I could eat a hundred.
This day is going to be awesome.

Monday, February 23, 2009


GreenPeace boy: "Excuse me, do you have a minute for the enviornment?"
me: "No."
GreenPeace boy: "Okay, you cute little polar bear."
Image Hosted by
HUGE future here. I have to walk past him two more times this afternoon...

Chinatown Bus redemption

Saturday night was all kind of a bummer (except for Anthony's serenade, a South Philly tradition you should learn about that included dancing and mummers and djs and jello shots and canoli, and so many serious hairstyles). So bright and early(ish), I took that stalwart of transportation, "Century 2000" (the Chinatown Bus) to the NYC.
Went to PS1 first, and saw a unicorn
Image Hosted by
an inside out swimming pool,
Image Hosted by
the giantest rotating ceiling mirror to lay under, and my favorite new elevator.
We had dinner at Randy's Diner*, where our cute foreign waitress had never heard of poppyseed dressing or peppermint ice cream, but was pretty great regardless.
Finished at the Stone**, where I saw everybody that was in my life c2002 (except you Amanda and Sarah). Like a giant reunion. Elizabeth and I wore mostly the same outfit.

Home in plenty of time for work, despite a couple little shady dealings in NJ.

If it seems like you're just in a swallowing your gum mode, quit. Five times in one day is too many.
Two pairs of tights is awesome for keeping warm in cities, but feels SO GOOD to take off at the end of the nihgt.
If you get off the wrong train on accident because someone who lives in NY doesn't know what he's doing, you can just get on the next train, and it might be FROM THE FUTURE.

*that is a joke for four people, who might not read even read this.
**where there were not only rules against fun, like no dancing or talking or eating or drinking, but also against nature, like no going to the bathroom.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Wow, it's been a minute.
Here's some reasons I was Too Busy To Blog:
Hanging out with my Dad for a minute. We went to Flyers/Sabres (6-3, bummer), went to bars in center city, hit Ikea, played cards with everybody, and drank some of his wine.
Then I was supposed to overnight with the Pinto girls but everybody was too sick which opened my night for going to Danes! We made a chart, which will I will later post. Anyway, it was a night when I couldn't decide what to wear, when to go, what drink to bring, etc. No time to come up with funny things to put online, sorry.
Saturday morning was really nice sleep in, but nighttime was a bust (sorry everybody who tried). See how I had no time to update? Really fast lifestyle.

So today is a bus ride and unicorns in Long Island, and later a place with Rules Against Fun, so I've got to get my act together and get out the door.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

23 of 25

I've been talking to myself a little bit lately.

It's not really to myself, but to specific people, almost like conversation rehearsals, and it mostly happens on or near public transportation.

I must be spending too much/not enough time alone.


Marilyn has been taking a lot of pictures of us lately.
Here's a teaser:
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
Maybe she'll put the rest on Facebook.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Last night, C and I saw the International.
Image Hosted by
Short letters:
Dear Clive and Naomi,
Way to be in the longest movie. I didn't know you had your ear pierced (twice) until I saw so many closeups of your face (Clive), and your hair got so long (Naomi), though you're still not that awesome at thrillers.

Dear Fran,
Thanks for the new identity. It worked. I didn't even have to sign my (new) name this time.

Dear Kat,
They shoot up the Guggenheim so much. Wow.

Monday, February 16, 2009

24 of 25

Sometimes, at parties, I'll get people's phone numbers. Usually I'll do this thing, "call my phone, and I'll just save your number" rather than typing in the number, then saving it. Less room for error (unless I type in the name wrong).

Recent examples:
a 215 number saved as ".001"
and a 267 saved as "Mgkd".

Sorry I haven't called.


The outline format in previous post was really a bust (don't even bother with it really), so instead, here's three things about Monster Trucks last night.
Image Hosted by
1. Conversation between me and ticket guy
m: (looking at a sign that says tickets are $2 more, day of) "So...does that mean tickets are $17?" (instead of the advertised fifteen)
tg: "the cheapest tickets are $20"
m: (confirming everyone wants to pay that much, and collecting more money from them) "Okay, here's cash for four, and one on my card"
tg: "okay, well, there's a $1 service fee on tickets, so it's $84 dollars"
m: "why didn't you just tell me the tickets were $21?"
tg: "because they're twenty."
m: "also, don't you mean $105? cause we still need five tickets".
tg: "right. $104".
m: "thanks."

In retrospect, I'm pretty sure that means this guy is just taking one dollar cash home for every ticket he sells, which is why I didn't get charged $21 on my card. It was so dumb.

2. This boy Phil came. He's friends with Conrad from Deep Springs, but calls him John, which really made me wonder when John turned into Conrad, cause I always kind of assumed it was "on the ranch."

3. I put all my hypothetical money on a truck called "The Broker" who's symbol/paiting on his truck was a piece of paper. It was the wrong choice, obv.


Valentine's Day Weekend, Outlined, semi-chronologically

I. Friday Night
A. Home
1. Nap
2. Food & Drinks
3. Guests arrive! Wii Smarty Pants!

B. Party at 607 Tasker
1. See one million people, their outfits
2. See gay rappers
3. Get condom thrown down my shirt from accross the room
4. Borrow camera, take photographs, possibly break camera

C. Home (again)
1. I think more Smarty Pants, lose a bet that means girls buy boys brunch
2. Marilyn makes late night breakfast!

II. Saturday
A. Brunch at Royal Tavern
1. win bet about "real" flowers
2. eat food

B. 8 or 9 episodes straight of Dexter, which isn't that great
C. Marilyn makes awesome V-day dinner and we all play Wii Smarty Pants!

III. Sunday
A. New couch (it's medium, and yellow monster is available if anybody wants it)
B. Monster truck Rally
1. Monster trucks, boys drink beer and make wagers
2. 4 wheelers race, the good guys win
3. dirtbikes do flips
4. I make decision to skip post Monster Truck trip to Cheerleaders

Nevermind. Outlines are way harder than they look when you can't use tabs or spaces. It's a little slippery, and I quit. So much previewing and adjusting.

Friday, February 13, 2009


Image Hosted by
Oh hi. I'm getting internet famous, like Melissa when she won that recipe contest that ended with "retiring to the bedroom with a glass of port".
Mine is less sexy.
Ikea Hacker


Yesterday, Chloe and I went to Whole Foods.
We saw Ben Franklin buying dinner from the buffet!
Image Hosted by
Chloe's favorite part was that he was (shockingly) pushing a cart!
She was really excited about it. The whole thing.


Yesterday everything (even bike riding) was like riding bikes through a tornado, you know?
Target was a bust/no phone all day/long walks leaning into the wind/doing laundry without closing the lid/learning couscous is not a grain/John Locke going bananas/totally skipped WiiFit/too much cupcake batter (thanks, M).

Anyway, tonight is Valentines at 607. Want to come? The weekend looks cold and rainy so we should get our good times in while we can.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


I really like costumes, and I'm already thinking about Halloween 2k9.
Image Hosted by
It might be a good project to do in recovery, right?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

25 more things (25 of 25)

I started making a whole other list of 25 things, I'm not sure why.
But then I decided that instead of inundating you (DR), I'll let it out slow:

I keep a bottle of maple syrup in my desk drawer at work, like most people keep tape.
Image Hosted by
I use it all the time.

Other things you might want to know:
V-day party is now at 607, which (for those of us in the hood) is awesome. This Friday night.
Surgery date confirmed for March 10th. So much testing before that.

other half

Francis X Friel to me

Cory says "sorry".
Image Hosted by

not it

Last night we saw this date movie that EVERYONE was in.
Morals (maybe just lessons) learned:
If a boy doesn't call you, he don't like you.
If a girl (ScarJo) used to sleep with you, but won't anymore, she doesn't like you (that much).
If you're not sure if you got dumped, you did.
Boys (Ben Affleck) don't want to get married, but, if you trick them into it on their boat, it might happen.
You (Drew) shouldn't myspace date people.
Image Hosted by
Remember season one of S&TC? Where they do these weird asides to people who aren't really on the show and you never see again? Some girl on the street who's all, "I'm pretty sure he likes me - he's just never had a serious gf before, so we're taking it slow", or, "You can totally tell if a girl's not going to sleep with you if she takes home her leftovers"? He's Just Not That Into You has those dumb questions/statements by crazy girls (sometimes boys), and has this magnolia plotline where every ends up happy (some of them alone, some of them with people) except one person, who's too into her singing career.

I don't even know if these are whole sentences.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


1. I think I have Wii tennis shoulder?
2. I think I have a new surgery date: March 10th. Waiting on confirmation.
3. Valentines, just around the corner. Now maybe in South Philly! Stay tuned.

(Also, the kitten somehow walked over my keyboard and set up my computer so it tells me everything I'm doing, in robot voice: "new firefox window" "dropdown opened" "iPhoto is closing"...etc.)

Monday, February 9, 2009


(a letter in the voice of Wachovia)

Regarding your recent brain-surgery-copay deposit:
Image Hosted by
Thanks, but no thanks. Not this one.

(whoever donated this on Saturday night is really case you can't tell, it's a halfsie twenty, not counterfeit like it looks in the scan. Either way, a no go.)

one thing

leads to another.
First, yesterday we saw Coraline.
Image Hosted by
I loved it, and would see it again if you want to. I hope it's not like Pan's Labyrinth and I don't like it less the second time, so maybe I should wait on seeing it again, but off-hand, I can't think of anything wrong with the movie. It was scary, never boring, and almost entirely void of (the bad, annoying kind of) children's humor.
Now today, I await a phone call from a nurse telling me when to come in for surgery. A new date.
Speaking of dates, last night the crew encountered a party-planning emergency, as Jessie Valentine's landlord said "no way Jose" to our friends party-prep plans. The whole team is on the lookout for a new venue, which also means I call Jerry today.
Speaking of Valentines, I made some last week. I lost the favorite one I made - maybe you'll get mailed two? Anyway, bummer.
Speaking of things that get lost, Yesterday I started (re)watching Lost Season 4, and Boy is It Good.
Image Hosted by
Season Five, you're right in the wings.


I was going to write a lot of things about how much I like you guys, and how nice it was that you came out and danced and gave and everything on Saturday, but I FORGOT TO BRING PICTURES to the office today. So all that will wait. It doesn't mean I'm two days less thankful though.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

now what?

Nurse Nicole just called me from the hospital. Because doctors don't talk to each other and just arbitrarily schedule surgeries, I'm getting rescheduled. One of the docs is going to be in Hawaii, so I'm keeping tumoring for a minute I guess.

Also, I was one of the only people at Superbowl party who hadn't seen Hotel for Dogs. Really. I just remembered.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Between the time we started last night and the time we opened our door to show people out we got like a million inches of snow. That means: snow day today! Did anyone else forget that David Ducovney is in Beethoven? Awesome.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Last night we saw My Blood Valentine, in 2D, cause 2D is free, and 3D is $15 at the Bridge.
Image Hosted by
It was very bad. Lacked dimension. At least it was short?

Monday, February 2, 2009

living for

This weekend was fun because on Friday, we hung out in our neighborhood, like The Old Days. Invoved going to every single persons house (progressive dinner) and drinks named for old stars and a Very Long Game of Saladbowl. We learned a lot of things and Kimmy Brown fell asleep on some people.
Image Hosted by
You know, us(ual).

Saturday we went to a party at Robs. Josh, Marilyn and I did NOT dress up for this party.
Obviously, these girls did*.
Image Hosted by
Also, there was an ice sculpture.
Image Hosted by
We left Rob's party to go to something at Adventure Island where a dj from Brooklyn just played on a keyboard while his "dance crew" covered each other in black paint.
Everything makes me feel so tired lately.

Yesterday was The Big Game. While the game was on, we spent most of our time watching videos of kittens riding the Roomba, and waiting for the Office to come on**. Also food. Lulu made a lot of good food. Adriene made other good food, and Sigmund made the best ever enchiladas. Sports!

In between these things I got new moccasins at Target (how good are their shoes lately?), and watched a lot of CSI: Las Vegas, which I count as education as much as entertainment, because I'm learning So Many Things, and made this weird lamp.
Image Hosted by
It's bigger than you think and looks like it's from the ocean. Or outer space. Also, who wants to see Monsters VS Aliens with me? Looks good.

*We met the one with the hair. It's real. She proactively told me I could pull it or run my fingers through it.

**Why do they even keep making the Office? And why do they show us the two funny parts during the commercial?

(Thanks, other people, for taking pictures. Right after I get rich I'm going to buy a new digital camera).

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Thursday night after a million hour game of bridge I made a bet with Conrad that Matthew Lillard (SLC Punk, other movies) was in either Bring It On, She's All That, or Ten Things I Hate About You. He didn't believe ML was in any of those but wouldn't accept the bet with such broad terms. I had to pick just one movie - so I did.
I won one dollar for knowing Matthew Lillard was "Brock" in She's All That. Thanks, Sarah for watching that movie so many times for so many years.
I was so excited to finally win a bet that I accidentally ripped the dollar in half.