Wednesday, December 30, 2009


So...New Year's Eve.

We're all systems go with this thing at the Ox, and hope to see you there.
Some things:
decorations that we made seemed gigantic in our little house. Like, we couldn't really move around/sit/eat comfortably for a while. We took them over there, to the GIANT warehouse space, and they look teeny-tiny. So it goes.

Before the party starts (at 10pm), there is a show, in the other (middle?) part of the warehouse. It's obviously not my scene, and is all bands I've never heard of, but after perusing the list, I thought to myself, "if I did want to go see bands I've never heard of, and get my ears good and ringing for a few days, I at least like the names of these bands".
Best Friends
Boy Problems
Joint Chiefs of Math
Hop Along
Algernon Cadwallader

If you're that kind of person (who sees bands they've never heard of because that's what you do) (or, twenty), you can go to that show first. It starts at 5 or something. I'll be really busy hanging out with New York and Baltimore (or, The Old Days), so prob just see you at the party part.

Also, I got a new fancy iPod.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Doe, in a sense.

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NYE eve decorations on a nameless deer. Accepting applications (for what to call him). Ideas?


I quit blogging, and hopefully everyone was too busy Christmassing and everything to notice.
Saw Avatar, which was better than I thought it would be. Everything else about it has been talked to death, so I'll just give it a 2 thumbs (of four), and leave it at that.
Also saw Sherlock Holmes, which was fighty and mysterious, as expected.
Indian-Indian Christmas (fusion is so big) was delicious/so fun.
Lost Christmas quizzo, so bad. No big deal.
Boxing day spent in Cherry Hill. Rewarding/exhausting.
A lot of Gossip Girl. A lot of watching the special features, specifically the music video, "Boring".
Spent a lot of time crafting, we're finally getting there,
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but "getting" there includes glue gun burns on most fingers.
Three days of work this week, then NYE! Maybe we'll see you that night, or maybe not. My house will be helping throw a shindig across the street, at 2nd and Oxford, so we'll be there, with bells on. Or sparklers on.
Working on resolving.

Friday, December 18, 2009


I really am tired of being cold. It's too cold to bike. It's too cold to scoot. It's too cold to walk from where someone parked their car. Waiting for Septa is like turning into Han Solo.

I used to like it, in a weird pride/snow/Rust-belt kind of way. Like, "Oh, cold? I barely even know what cold is. You think this is cold? This is nothin'."

This year, I'm over that, and I'm just feeling cold. Let's get in a car and drive someplace warm for a week or something. Anyone?

Seriously though, the recent cold raises some questions, like how did people (settlers?) ever think settling here (here = the NorthEast) was a good idea? Why on earth would you choose to brave cold winters when you could just pick ANY PLACE?
And the homeless! It just seems like there's much nicer places to be homeless - places where you don't run the risk of hypothermia.
But I guess the question is just as valid for me/us - we're here too. Do the cultural peculiarities of the region outweigh this bitter cold? At some point, they must have, but on days like this, I don't think so.

All that being said, I don't like being Too Hot either.


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

goodbye stella

This is kind of a downer. But last night I got realistic with myself, and decided I don't really need a scooter. (I probably wouldn't have decided this, if it were summer).
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I pro'd and con'd it (in my head), and (mostly due to upcoming Gold Teeth Financial Responsibilities that are ranging in the 10 scooter price range), decided that if I can get enough money for it*, I'm going to sell Stella, and just be a regular, old, bicycle girl.

So...if you know anybody, send them my way.

*and, if I can't get enough money for it, I'm just going to take that as a sign from God and keep my scooter and drive it forever. Good plan, right? I'm going to try out Craigslist and FB, and leave the rest up to fate.

Monday, December 14, 2009


This weekend I went to Lancaster PA, to spend some quality time with Mom. These are things you do if you're not the kind of person to go home at Christmas.
I had just had my surgery on Thursday, so was mostly eating milkshakes and applesauce type things, and had one of those ChickFila peppermint milkshakes, which was a highlight. We saw a play. We shopped outlets. Etc.

Last night we did some Christmas pictures. Some of them are pretty good, most of them involve cats.
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I couldn't decide where to post pictures, so a lot are on the Book, and some are on my Flickr, and the rest are just floating in space.

Friday, December 11, 2009

date saving

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New Year's Eve.
You've probably been to the New Year's party we (Sarah and I, then Marilyn and I) threw in South Philly.

This one is going to be a way bigger deal. It's at the warehouse across the street from my house, in this giant new space that was just renovated for gallery (or New Year's party) use.

We encourage you to wear the sparkly-est outfit you can get together and come out and countdown with us. It IS five dollars, but that just means you don't have to bring drinks (unless you're set on champagne, which isn't a bad idea, and won't be provided)*.

Music will highlight big hits from 2000-2009. Performances. Surprises. And it's a THURSDAY! WHAT?!

Facebook invite here.

*AND $5 is way less than whatever Making Time is going to cost that night.


(the) movies, milkshakes, mashed potatoes.*

*things I wanted after having this gross surgery. They all happened, and it was really nice.

I'll show you my stitches, they're weird. Also, that question some of you asked me, about "what kind of bone"? Animal. Cow probably. I'm part cow.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Dear Rander,

You're the easiest person to shop for. I'm not even shopping for you, but stumble upon things you need, almost daily*.
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(You're not getting this, but I thought about it.)


*also, maybe it's the weird things I'm doing eBay searches for, but almost always, Magic the Gathering cards turn up.


A group of jellyfish is called a smack, smuck, bloom, brood, smuth, or fluther.

(It feels like a lot of things are going on, or will be soon).

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I had chili for lunch at Standard Tap on Sunday.
It was pretty good.
Then we made chili at home. So I had chili (but different chili) for dinner.
Then I had (leftover) chili yesterday for lunch. Then (again) for dinner.
Then I had it again for lunch today.
It's so good. But I could go for something else for dinner tonight.

thnx, dad

If you see this outside a place
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it means I'm probably inside that place.
It's the Commuter III (do you italicize bike names? ship names?), and it's from some "flea market"/indoor garage sale on Cecile B. Moore, and it was cheap. The boys at Trophy shined it up and stuff. Which is more than I can say for the folks at Vespa, who've had my scooter for ALMOST A MONTH to replace one part that "should take half an hour". Tick-tock, guys.

Also, here's the new deer that lives in our dining room. My grandfather shot it. Like twenty years ago.
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(Kim wanted to have the coyote, but my dad couldn't find it, and said it smelled too bad anyway).

Monday, December 7, 2009


This weekend, WH threw a Thanksgiving 2008/Xmas 2008/27th bday party for Sarah (who missed all that while she was in Korea), and Pops was in town, so minimal netting got done. Which meant, I didn't blog (sorry Amanda), I lost all my eBay auctions (sorry, everyone who was getting eBay xmas), and I probably missed some good stuff on Woot.

The GREAT news is that I have a new bike, with a new basket. It's good enough to ride around (slowly), and crappy enough to not get stolen (hopefully): just like you want a bike to be. And a new toaster oven you can rotisserie a chicken in (if you wanted to). Thanks, Dad.

I also was able to get a surgery date for my latest/greatest minor operation: a sinus lift! Which means eventually, in fall 2010(!), I can start getting implants! (Teeth/mouth news is so boring, huh?).

Friday, December 4, 2009


Last night we went to Berks warehouse.
The percentage of people there with novelty/oversized/vintage-y glasses was high.
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Which reminds me: Sarah is back in town, with her Korean "men-glasses".

And, there might be a new (old/undersized/vintage-y) bike in my future. Stay tuned.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

the other JC

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(Probably like most people) sometimes when I sleep in longer than usual, I have these vidid dreams. Today's was about Jeanne Claude's death (which is real) and all of us sitting shiva for her (which was not real).
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I like them so much, and kind of forgot until she died. Consider these movies about them on my eternal Xmas list.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

crafting during tv

Currently working on: NYE decorations. Hopefully it'll be very sparkly. Details are TBA, but party is probably at the warehouse at 2nd and Oxford (it might be called the "Ox", but I'm not sure about that). Start working on a good outfit.
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Also worked on (past tense): cat garlands, for Nikki's surprise cat party, which turned out to mostly be cat poop cake, champagne, masks, "abort!" texts, and a location change.
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I'm (obviously) really into making decorations lately. Have an idea? Send it my way.

Also, news:
J* spotted at Cantina, sans all the weight he lost on Celebrity Fit Club. XOXO (Kimmy and I started watching Gossip Girl. So that format-joke might be funny to like two people).

*Jay McCarrol, of ProRun Season 1.