Monday, December 28, 2009


I quit blogging, and hopefully everyone was too busy Christmassing and everything to notice.
Saw Avatar, which was better than I thought it would be. Everything else about it has been talked to death, so I'll just give it a 2 thumbs (of four), and leave it at that.
Also saw Sherlock Holmes, which was fighty and mysterious, as expected.
Indian-Indian Christmas (fusion is so big) was delicious/so fun.
Lost Christmas quizzo, so bad. No big deal.
Boxing day spent in Cherry Hill. Rewarding/exhausting.
A lot of Gossip Girl. A lot of watching the special features, specifically the music video, "Boring".
Spent a lot of time crafting, we're finally getting there,
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but "getting" there includes glue gun burns on most fingers.
Three days of work this week, then NYE! Maybe we'll see you that night, or maybe not. My house will be helping throw a shindig across the street, at 2nd and Oxford, so we'll be there, with bells on. Or sparklers on.
Working on resolving.

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