Monday, December 7, 2009


This weekend, WH threw a Thanksgiving 2008/Xmas 2008/27th bday party for Sarah (who missed all that while she was in Korea), and Pops was in town, so minimal netting got done. Which meant, I didn't blog (sorry Amanda), I lost all my eBay auctions (sorry, everyone who was getting eBay xmas), and I probably missed some good stuff on Woot.

The GREAT news is that I have a new bike, with a new basket. It's good enough to ride around (slowly), and crappy enough to not get stolen (hopefully): just like you want a bike to be. And a new toaster oven you can rotisserie a chicken in (if you wanted to). Thanks, Dad.

I also was able to get a surgery date for my latest/greatest minor operation: a sinus lift! Which means eventually, in fall 2010(!), I can start getting implants! (Teeth/mouth news is so boring, huh?).


sarah said...

when you say implants i don't think teeth.

Bangs said...