Wednesday, December 30, 2009


So...New Year's Eve.

We're all systems go with this thing at the Ox, and hope to see you there.
Some things:
decorations that we made seemed gigantic in our little house. Like, we couldn't really move around/sit/eat comfortably for a while. We took them over there, to the GIANT warehouse space, and they look teeny-tiny. So it goes.

Before the party starts (at 10pm), there is a show, in the other (middle?) part of the warehouse. It's obviously not my scene, and is all bands I've never heard of, but after perusing the list, I thought to myself, "if I did want to go see bands I've never heard of, and get my ears good and ringing for a few days, I at least like the names of these bands".
Best Friends
Boy Problems
Joint Chiefs of Math
Hop Along
Algernon Cadwallader

If you're that kind of person (who sees bands they've never heard of because that's what you do) (or, twenty), you can go to that show first. It starts at 5 or something. I'll be really busy hanging out with New York and Baltimore (or, The Old Days), so prob just see you at the party part.

Also, I got a new fancy iPod.

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elizabethfrances said...

you are a new fancy ipod.

and i love you still.