Thursday, May 28, 2009

a big, white dog

This is Winston, he lives with me now. He's my temp dog, and I'm trying to find him a real home.
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Does anybody need a big dog? He's VERY good. I'm fostering him through PAWS, so you can adopt him. Come meet him. I call him Big White Dog.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

dog day

Holly: you know, if you were on pet finder, you would be considered special needs
because you'e deaf in one ear

Thanks, Holly.
Anyway, today I'm going up to PAWS to interview to be a dog-foster-mom - and they told me to bring a leash!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Friday, May 22, 2009


Wednesday night, there was a sports double header in our hood - Standard Tap vs the Keep, and then Tap vs (someone else. We left.) Anyway, game one was whatever, but I guess game two got dramatic. I miss all the good parts.
In leiu of watching baseball walkoffs, we were stooping pretty hard some 7 blocks west. We met Srinivas, our new Indian friend.
He told us that American wasn't all bad - before he came here, he didn't even know about mayonnaise.
Our friend Liza told him that just because we were girls, we didn't have to listen to him pontificate all night.
It was really good.
On the way home, Marilyn and I found two Dysons, and dragged them home with us. They're in our living room.

miss me much?

I haven't been online. I've been spending days Rittenhousing, and riding bikes, trying to get approved to foster a dog, eating falafel, seeing baseball, and a hundred other things.
I did go to the movies, kind of. Rander and I went to see (Rob Zombie's) Night of the Living Dead at the Troc. It's a really fun, nearly free night out, but the movie was just terrible. All the previews they showed were terrible.
But yeah. We'll probably go on Monday to see Fanboys. Everyone's invited, and no one has to work, we should do it.
This weekend is more bbqs, Time Party II, birthdays, hairdo's, probably more parks, more of the samesies. Riversharks Saturday or Sunday guys? That's just a text message and a ferry ride away. Picnic at the gypsum factory? Or did that really get torn down? Open to other ideas too. Summer happening, all around us.

Monday, May 18, 2009


I recently learned that there is a whole subset of people who plan on wearing clean pajamas every night. "Oh, I'm going away for six days? I'll bring six pairs of pajamas."



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Last night we went and saw Angels and Demons (it was that kind of Sunday) - the new Ron Howard/Tom Hanks number, sequel to Da Vinci Code. Secret: I've read both books. Both were super corny, but teach you enough weird facts/legends/actual conspiracy that they're get-through-able (especially if you happen to be living in the Honolulu airport for a number of days).

Anyway, so in A&D, the Pope dies, and you learn all about the old, weird, traditions of picking a new Pope. In the book, this is fine, cause you can learn/read history-type things and don't need a specific voice. The movie however, doesn't have a narrator, and relies on characters to throw out these facts, and work them into casual conversation three or four times, which is SO AWKWARD.
Newscastor: "today the Pope died, and the cardinals will meet in conclave to choose the next Pope, probably from among the four most popular choices, the preferati."

Tom Hanks: "OMG! They've been kidnapped! The preferati - the four most likely candidates for the Papacy!"

Swiss Gaurd: "The preferati, or favorite options for the next Pope - are gone!"

They also explain what an ambiagram is eleven or twelve times, and while they're scoping out Roman architecture looking for places hostages will get killed, Tom takes the time to shout: "An obelisk - an extended Egyptian pyramid!", or later, "a pentagram! The star with five points!" That's probably why this movie was a billion hours long, and probably also why HZ described it as "the movie with the least amount of subtext ever".

Specific problems:
The first "public execution" takes place underground, in a crypt, under a shut down church.
Some things happened in slower than real time.
The whole thing takes place in one day. The lighting (outside - as in whether the sun is still out) changed, moment to moment. Oops.

Parts that are good that I forgot from the book:
partical collider!
stealing eyeballs out of people to fool retinal scanners!
twist ending!

All of this with a moral about how science and religion should really just learn to get along. We saw this in the theatre 17, where someone got shot for texting.


Sometimes I've told you to skip posts, this might be one of them. Boring/rambling/patchy recount of weekend.
This weekend was a million birthdays, a medium amount of bbq, and learning what heartburn is.
I've never heard so much talk about bra's and breasts and Things Dane Would Do For Charity as I did Friday night. Saturday was the longest night ever (in a fine way) with a lot of stops and food, and people and taxis and photobooths, silly string, light shows, dance floor kissing (Liza!), and graduations, followed by the longest bike ride home, in the rain. Pictures? Probably somewhere, but I think I lost (another) camera.
My favorite follow up text from the next day started with "holey moley..."
Anyway, having so much birthday wore me out I think, and then having guac for breakfast made my chest feel on fire. This weekend is the first time I think I ever got heartburn, and it happened a lot of times. Marilyn (Dr Quinn) told me about medicines and everything, and told me that having a glass of milk could help. I waited til she and Andy were gone, and then I tried it. PEOPLE DRINK MILK? I poured the tiniest juice glass of it, cause I wasn't sure about it - it's so gross! Maybe one of those "acquired tastes" things, but f'real, yuck. I don't think it's a drink for grown ups. Only to change the color of your coffee or wet your cereal.

Friday, May 15, 2009

fashion forward

Yesterday, on my walk home from work, I decided I'm going to quit wearing miniskirts, especially with boots. Every time, it's a hundred boys hollering. Don't get me wrong, I don't think I'm a "hot girl" or "sexy" (I can't even pull off those looks if I tried) - I think it's just a thing that almost every girl in every city endures. But yesterday? It MADE ME HATE EVERYONE, including men on the street, in elevators, riding the subway, and climbing the stairs out. It's just not flattering, especially if you try to take a picture up my skirt on the train.
I know this is one of those things, "don't dress really slutty, and people won't act like you're slutty" that I'm supposed to either agree because it makes sense or disagree with because it's ridiculous and I should wear what I want, and don't even dress slutty or whatever.
Anyway, so last night I wore pants out. NBD.
Forgot about new resolution already, and wore a dress to work that just might be a shirt.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

meeting new people

This week at quizzo we sat with this boy (who is friends with Sandro maybe?) for a few minutes/3 rounds (of questions, not drinks, because I'm pretty sure this boy doesn't drink). When we got there he was listing the Quizmasters of Philadelphia, and which were good, and which were bad (the one we had Tuesday for instance, was "tied for last place of the good quizmasters" - which implies an entire ranking system).
This boy goes to quizzo most nights of the week, and has obviously spent a lot of time thinking about it.
We asked him questions about the kinds of categories and questions that make for a good game.
Potpourri is good, (duh), as are "general knowledge" and trivia. (?)
Not good? Sports, music, Philadelphia-themed questions (he's a "citizen of the world", his quizamster should be too).
Good questions? Pop culture. Bad? Current events.
Good? Science. Bad? Geography.
Good? Movies. Bad? Oscars.
Some of it made sense, most of it didn't, (it should have been, "I like quizzo, I'm alright at it, here's some categories I like"). But it came out in so many more words, and definite statements. It was like listening to a fight about Magic, only I understood more, and no one was arguing really.

Ten state capitals that are also the largest city in the state.

The big question that keeps coming up lately - is it better to be specific boring or general boring?

Monday, May 11, 2009

one down

First root canal? Done.
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This is what I looked like for about 15 hours.

two lessons

(Old news, but) don't ever make bets about not kissing someone. Probably always take bets about two people *not* kissing. I guess if it comes up enough to be talked about/wagered on, it's probably going to happen. I thought about this yesterday while I was shaving Matt leBlanc.

Leads to lesson two: Don't believe the internets, or do so with a grain of salt. If you do google searches on whether or not you can drug or sedate your cat, a LOT of people have a LOT to say. Like, "my boyfriend killed his cat with 1/4 of a sleeping pill!" or "children's Benedryl is what they give cats at the vet! I work there, I know!". Anyway, I decided about 1/3 of a regular Benedryl was probably the right amount for Matt, since we didn't have any Kahlua in the house. It was not enough, and you'll be able to tell when you see his haircut. It's a little...patchy.

Besides the cat haircut, the weekend was bad date, shopping with WH, lots of grilled food, and working on polar bear costume, which is so hot (in the warm, not sexy way) that I might have to make some changes. I have pictures and things, but not here. I also made meatballs out of chicken, which were surprisingly good, and have plans to make pulled pork sandwiches from the crock pot, maybe for late night dinner tonight?

Saturday, May 9, 2009

t9 atones

Last night I learned/found out/remembered:
That I can cry emotional tears (they told me "probably not" after my surgery), but only on the right side. Makes things a little lopsided.
Grace Tavern isn't that great.
The Office peaked a while ago.

Friday, May 8, 2009


Robert: i don't think you blog at a high enough level, you need more economics in your posts


Some things about Star Trek:

There was no midnight show. I was tired from the beginning of the day (from my 5 hour root canal appt), but was planning on midnight showing anyway. I was mostly hoping for costumes, like at midnight Harry Potter, or midnight Batman. Instead, the movie played all day, so we just went at 10:30. Trekkies is one of my favorite doc's, and I missed it IRL.
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Now, to be honest, I fell asleep a few times. I was on some pk's for my new tooth, which hurts, and had a little wine. Whenever there were battles, or serious fight scenes, I kind of drifted off. Despite this - I still liked it!

It did feel really LOST-y at times - (J.J. even reused the polar bear gimmick when they're someplace really Hoth-y), but in a good, epic way. Also, Winona Ryder was in it, AND Kirk's mom's name was Winona. Weird?

I was most dissapointed by this one character, a girl with giant eyeballs, cause she wasn't in this movie a lot, and I wanted to figure her face out. Marilyn said they probably made it with an iPhone. Marilyn also laughed pretty hard at all the Jar-Jar Binks moments.

Weekend, phew.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Last night was five bags of Tostitos, a very busy blender, and old timey photographs.
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A really good one of Rob and KB as mutants on my Flickr.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Tights were on sale at the Gap a while ago. I bought some, even though they only had "large/tall".
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I have elephant ankles/serves me right.

Also, here's a picture of a deer and a dead baby bird, from my walk to work this morning (afternoon).
Image Hosted by
Isn't it great to see pictures again?

Tonight is Cinco de Mayo, I think Mexican independence from...France? Tiny fiesta here at Beulah, and a reason to wear one dress I've been hanging onto, just for such an occasion. I bought a sombrero today too, at the thrift store. Probably for Ben Gallman to wear.

Logan and Victor

Last night I went to see Wolverine with some of my favorite boys. I liked it fine, but have some questions that I don't know the answers to, probably because I just don't know the comic - the biggest question is why these two wolfy brothers are born a million years ago, but stopped aging. It's fine (in movies, comics and maybe real life) if people stop aging, but when does it happen? Is there just a magic age? How old are they? Why do you they get to quit birthdays for a hundred years?
Then we watched tv and I went to bed with a bellyache probably brought on by eating mostly bleu cheese for dinner, then nachos, so much popcorn, raw cookie dough, half-baked cookie dough, and booze.
Anyway, Wolves were alright, probably better than 102 Dalmations, which I've seen a few times this week.

Oh, and this morning, our neighbor slips a LOST CAT flier through the mail-hole. This is the same babycat that Marilyn and I already found, kept, and returned to them. The one they let outside on Beulah. Who just had kittens (according to the flier). How time flies.
Cinco de Mayo tonight. Come over and help us look for baby(momma)cat.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

elective surgery

Today I'm finding out what "Forman Mills" is.
And, I had this dream, that was all about getting Siabhon's phone number. I must be channeling Conrad.
Also getting tired of bonus-type body parts. I'd really like to get rid of my tonsils.

Friday, May 1, 2009

and, done.

Friday, and I feel so accomplished that I might not try to do anything else all weekend.
Got my tooth (re)fixed.
Financed my (10! not 8!) upcoming gold crowns.
New play-everything dvd player for upstairs.
Got new spark plug in the scooter.
Got bike tuned up.
Found summer dress '09.

What else could there even be?