Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Last week I bought this surprise mystery thing on eBay.  It's going to be so cool that I don't even want the internet at large to know about it yet.

It is going to be SO SO awesome, once I figure out the (Korean?) instructions.  You'll be jealous.


Here's a post about utilitarian objects.

See this?
It's a bootjack.  

My grandfather made a bunch like a billion years ago, so it was just something I had, you know?  Like the thing you move with, feel oddly sentimental about, but never use.

Lately?  Been using it.   Everyone (well, girls I guess - we seem a little sparse on boot wearing boys) should get one and use it.  It might change your life.

Also, I got so sunburned that the only thing I could wear this whole holiday weekend is this dumb dress, which I LOST but Kelly replaced x2 (thanks).

Another product I just discovered moments ago, at the RiteAid:  continuous spray aloe.  Get on it.

I don't know.  Summer.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


I've been cleaning out my closet*.

Found this set of pictures on the floor, back behind a box and the can of paint I used to paint my closet and never put away.  Everything is the same, as us(ual).

This one is pretty old, and is from a Philadelphia photobooth that is UNLISTED on the registry!  Secret photobooth!**  

*with far-sighted knowledge of the smaller closet I'll be moving (clothes) into.

**K-Mart, Gallery.

Monday, May 16, 2011


Saw that Werner Herzog Cave jawn last night.  It was okay sometimes, and boring sometimes, and funny sometimes.

Now I'm just left with an assignment, where I have to research carbon dating for my overly skeptical movie companions.  It's something I believe in, but don't even know the first thing about.

Monday, May 9, 2011


The bigger the non-blogging window gets, the harder it is to decide what's worth writing about.

Here's some blog post ideas I didn't end up writing:
"The insane TastyKake/Marlboro heist I just saw at the RiteAid"
"The loud and rainy domestic argument on our street I got wrapped up in"
"A review of my gel nails from Boutique"*
"Thrift store scores, good thing I brought my truck"
"Houseboat adventures"
"Calling out a would be bike thief who was trying to pilfer my back-up, and how he apologized".

None of these.  But maybe will start posting some postcards I've been writing to myself, late at  night.

* A+, by the way.