Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Here's a post about utilitarian objects.

See this?
It's a bootjack.  

My grandfather made a bunch like a billion years ago, so it was just something I had, you know?  Like the thing you move with, feel oddly sentimental about, but never use.

Lately?  Been using it.   Everyone (well, girls I guess - we seem a little sparse on boot wearing boys) should get one and use it.  It might change your life.

Also, I got so sunburned that the only thing I could wear this whole holiday weekend is this dumb dress, which I LOST but Kelly replaced x2 (thanks).

Another product I just discovered moments ago, at the RiteAid:  continuous spray aloe.  Get on it.

I don't know.  Summer.


Amber Reeves said...

a. i don't understand the bootjack. what is it doing?

b. the dress isn't dumb. i mean, it COULD be dumb, but it looks great on you and is THE MOST practical summer dress ever, so i get it.

c. looking into sally hansen 'insta-dry' nail treatment. i don't know, i got a coupon...

Bangs said...

Amber, it takes your boots off for you. No bending, pulling, stuck feet, etc.

Bangs said...

(and, if you still don't get it, I'll show you next time you're over. Wear boots.)

marilyn said...

that dumb dress is totes my new layover dress. SO VERSATILE! SO PRACTICAL!