Wednesday, June 30, 2010


To beat the heat, I saw some movies recently.

The A-Team.  You've probably seen the show, but maybe, like me, don't remember it so well.  I didn't think I'd really like it, but they did just enough background/overview (something I sometimes get bored with in action/comic/revival movies), a lot of set up, and super funny MacGuyvering.
The explosions were generally loud enough to cover the sounds of the loudest possible foods we could have brought with us, so that was good too.
I had the hardest time with the practical end of things, which I think I'm just supposed to ignore in a movie like this.  Oh, we're stuck on a burning island, and have to be in LA in a minute?  Face says "give me 20 minutes" and comes back with a boat.  Where did he get the boat?  Where did they get ANYTHING?  Noone knows.  But it's NBD.   It was way more fun than hanging out at my poorly air conditioned house.

Yesterday I saw The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo at the Bourse.  I think this movie (or maybe just the book) has been out forever, and the theatre was still pretty full (on a Monday) so a lot of people must like it.

This is not a date movie.  I'll start with that.  It's pretty rapey in a couple parts, and that's weird to even sit next to your bf and watch, let alone someone you're trying to impress. 
So, it's a cold-case, young girl disappears, we're still trying to find her 50 years later thing.  It has a law-and-order bend, but the good kind - like when you see one good episode of one of these crime shows that makes  you think they might be okay?  
I want to say it was a mix of Castle, Lost (the Dragon Tattoo girl is a total goth Kate Austin), Hard Candy, one of the Hannibal movies (but maybe not the one), and HappyTown (is anyone else watching that?).  And while something could be a mix of all the bad parts of those, I think this was a mix of the good parts.
It was long, but that was okay.  I like it when a movie is too long, but you don't mind watching it.  (Not like Funny People.  That would have been a good one if it was short.) 
Spoiler:  you'll only see the dragon tattoo during the really sexy parts.  And it has nothing to do with the movie.
Yeah, go see it.
I also want to see Winter's Bone, Breathless (again, while I can) and Please Give.  Anyone?

Monday, June 28, 2010


her:  "So, what size do you want?"
me:  "I don't know.  I've never ever done this before."
her:  "probably small...unless you have a wedding or a prom..."
me:  "I do have a wedding later today!"
her:  "medium!"

So now I have these enormous (I mean medium) eyelashes.  Ben told me they make me look "more American".  The whole thing is pretty funny, and an inexpensive enough experiment, plus, my dental assistant likes them.

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Some weekend nights just end with challenges.  Like "draw a unicorn/narwhale tub-birth".

Friday, June 25, 2010

good morning

After suffering some great losses at bridge last night, it was nice to "wear whatever I want to work" (a joke because I do this anyway, everyday), and then some other things happened this morning.

First, I tried to put some change in my little piggie bank.  But it was full!

Awesome!  So I took it to the Penny Arcade (which, if you' know, you know:  Penny Arcade is about 100% better than Coinstar.  Doesn't collect any fees.  Let's you guess your total!)  FORTY DOLLARS!  In that little guy.

THEN, a package came.  
 You  might remember I liked a bunch of necklaces from Fred Flare?  Well, now I have one (thanks!).
Hard to see - but it's the fireworks one!  Just in time for Independence Day, actual fireworks, etc.


We got in a car and drove to the Chesapeake bay.  We went through a few states to do so, and I slept during a lot of it (the driving part).  I do remember the songs we sang though, and the rest stop, which has so many magical dragons, and a large, fierce holographic wolf picture, which is now in our living room.
There were so many deer.
When we got there it was water-air, pitch black, cliffs.  I thought it would be a beach!
The whole thing was pretty good.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

down the shore

Recently, we took one of those super hot days, and drove to the beach!
It was fun.  We passed 37 police cars of various calibers in 4 minutes.

When we got to the beach, it was cold.  Certainly too cold to swim, and too cold to pay six dollars to get to the sand. The thing about the beach is, it can be cold sometimes.  On days you didn't even bother putting on underwear because you need to be wearing your bathing suit.
We drove back to my house and went swimming in the pool.  The city was hot.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Col wil

Back to town, and a lot of "where have you Internet-bee
n?". Answer: pools. And hot other historics. Now i am back. With Mex food,the gays taking our pictures for their nets, and at least 100 update texts, some awkward goodmornings. The only way I'd wish it, late at night.

Real posts about other states and gossip and the revolutionary war,coming soon. Prob'ly.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


If I was going to get serious about jewelry, it'd be necklaces, and they'd probably be from Fred Flare.  Cute stuff recently.  I'll try not to ever use "cute" again in a blogpost.

splicer dicer

So, we saw SPLICE on Sunday.  It was definitely one of those So Bad It's Good things...

Maybe (but probably not) it was examining the morality involved in messing around with human DNA, and maybe it was examining nuclear familial problems in contemporary society, but mostly it was "look at that weird human-but-not-quite" eye candy.  If the candy is the kind you don't really like, but will eat anyway.

Instead of doing a real review, I'll give you one spoiler (someone gets pregnant with something that's not quite human in the end), and some possible names of sequels (only two, and both based on the popular girl's group):
Splice Girls
Baby Spice

Also, the thing's name is Dren.  You know, Nerd backwards.  Really.

Monday, June 7, 2010


Details to follow.


This weekend, at a 30th birthday pool party lightshow extravaganza in the 'burbs, we traded clothes.
It was kind of in an effort to see if the clothes really do make the man, and if clothes influence personality, and (mostly) to see if it's Josh's new superman baseball hat that's making him so wacky lately.

I did get a little wacky that night, so maybe it worked.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

browsin' the 'Bay

(Possibly the first installment of) Things I'd Like from eBay.

Here, a collection of photobooth pictures from the 40's, which seems like it could only be tons of fun.

 My birthday isn't really that close, but it's good to start throwing out ideas early, right?

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


A List Of Things I've Talked Myself Out Of
 a dog
online dating
most confrontation
(so far) expensive bicycles
long hair
quitting Facebook
certain boys
shows (bands)
getting that air conditioner off the roof
a car
eyelash extensions (for now)
a career in real estate
a fancy robot-ear hearing aid
phones that do the internet
cameras that cost more than $100
parasailing (really, I chickened out)
staying up late on weeknights (lately)
finishing MLB's latest cat haircut

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


(editorial aside:  I had all these great pictures from my new camera-phone.  They have been Lost, like so many sets of keys.  I was waiting to post this until I had an adaptor, and now I have one, but IT DOESN'T MATTEr because they're gone, so, instead, imaginary pictures, with descriptions.  Good news is, someone else probably took most of the same pictures, don't fret - they're on the internet someplace).

So, there was Memorial Day weekend.  Started with an art show about heroine that was a major downer, but picked up with malls, swimming, sunburns, outdoor screenings of gems such as Blue Crush, a hundred houseguests (and surprise visits from Long Island?!),  more swimming, grilled everything (even ravioli).
(picture from the roof of people swimming in pool, with American flag background).

We did a little get-together at our place on Monday with the most amount of brunch (thanks M) and a keg compliments of Left Hand Brewing, and (of course) some pooling (thanks K).  We had a baby's First Swim, a corgie, and facepainting.  Overall, pretty good.
(pictures of some of that stuff)

We got JB this bathing suit.  If you want one too, you'll have to hit Walmart, but from what I hear, America is too popular, and they might be SOLD OUT.
(picture of JB in bathing suit)

Similarly, because of our new "privacy flag" behind the pool, there was a lot of suggestions about wearing American flag bikini's.  THEY ARE HARD TO FIND.  We tried some on at Target, but they were pretty skimpy.  Too skimpy.  Even for the skinniest girls we know.  I guess that wraps up this weekend.