Friday, June 25, 2010

good morning

After suffering some great losses at bridge last night, it was nice to "wear whatever I want to work" (a joke because I do this anyway, everyday), and then some other things happened this morning.

First, I tried to put some change in my little piggie bank.  But it was full!

Awesome!  So I took it to the Penny Arcade (which, if you' know, you know:  Penny Arcade is about 100% better than Coinstar.  Doesn't collect any fees.  Let's you guess your total!)  FORTY DOLLARS!  In that little guy.

THEN, a package came.  
 You  might remember I liked a bunch of necklaces from Fred Flare?  Well, now I have one (thanks!).
Hard to see - but it's the fireworks one!  Just in time for Independence Day, actual fireworks, etc.

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