Tuesday, June 1, 2010


(editorial aside:  I had all these great pictures from my new camera-phone.  They have been Lost, like so many sets of keys.  I was waiting to post this until I had an adaptor, and now I have one, but IT DOESN'T MATTEr because they're gone, so, instead, imaginary pictures, with descriptions.  Good news is, someone else probably took most of the same pictures, don't fret - they're on the internet someplace).

So, there was Memorial Day weekend.  Started with an art show about heroine that was a major downer, but picked up with malls, swimming, sunburns, outdoor screenings of gems such as Blue Crush, a hundred houseguests (and surprise visits from Long Island?!),  more swimming, grilled everything (even ravioli).
(picture from the roof of people swimming in pool, with American flag background).

We did a little get-together at our place on Monday with the most amount of brunch (thanks M) and a keg compliments of Left Hand Brewing, and (of course) some pooling (thanks K).  We had a baby's First Swim, a corgie, and facepainting.  Overall, pretty good.
(pictures of some of that stuff)

We got JB this bathing suit.  If you want one too, you'll have to hit Walmart, but from what I hear, America is too popular, and they might be SOLD OUT.
(picture of JB in bathing suit)

Similarly, because of our new "privacy flag" behind the pool, there was a lot of suggestions about wearing American flag bikini's.  THEY ARE HARD TO FIND.  We tried some on at Target, but they were pretty skimpy.  Too skimpy.  Even for the skinniest girls we know.  I guess that wraps up this weekend.

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