Tuesday, June 8, 2010


If I was going to get serious about jewelry, it'd be necklaces, and they'd probably be from Fred Flare.  Cute stuff recently.  I'll try not to ever use "cute" again in a blogpost.


kamper part deux said...

why aren't you asking us which one you should buy? (obviously the firework one)

Bangs said...

but the gun clicks into the holster. That's the clasp. Pretty good, right?

But I think I like fireworks the best too.

Amber Reeves said...

what??? paper airplanes!

sarah said...

i'm on team amber with airplanes.

did i ever send you that super8 necklace from thailand?

Bangs said...

I thought I told you how much I liked that? When I do wear a necklace, it's often that one. So many people like it.

I also liked those cards earrings, but have never worn them. Waiting for the right occasion I guess. They're pretty serious.