Tuesday, December 28, 2010

some things about the movies

1.  On Saturday, for Christmas, we went and saw True Grit.   You ought to go see it.

2.  On Sunday, when it started snowing, we went and saw The Fighter.*  I was expecting a regular (kind of boring) sports movie, featuring Marky Mark's abs.  It was way better than that.  I either didn't know or had forgotten that it was going to go hand-in-hand with this documentary that I just watched about the crack cocaine.  If you've got an hour, you should watch High on Crack Street first, and then maybe hit the Riverview and see the movie.  It is still a sports movie, but the training sequences (etc) are kept at a minimum.  It's a little long.

3.  Yesterday (snowday) I went and saw Jolie and Depp play at espionage in the Tourist.  Twists!  Jewelry!  Mobsters!  Outfits!  Boats!  Guns!  You get it.

*the smartest thing I did Sunday was leave my truck at the Riverview, dead center under the 95.  I'm staying in South Philly, so the next day I just walked over there (saw another movie) and got my truck.  No shoveling, no defrosting.
The dumbest thing I did that day was lose my wallet, I guess under the snow.  Bummer, but not the end of the world.


got this.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Saturday, December 25, 2010


This isn't about Christmas, this is about pillows.

Ikea makes pillows for side sleepers, pillows for belly sleepers, pillows for back sleepers.  They do not make (no one makes) pillows for burrowers.  My life is so hard.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Mike Snow

Here's another post with no pictures:

Mike Snow.  I think about this name a lot, and am finally putting it together*.   

I guess I first noted the whole thing, because "Mike Snow" is just a good, solid, regular-but-notable and nice name.  Then, just today, I realized that
1.  "Mike Snow" does that "Animal" song, that someone or someones put on a mix for me at some point.
And, AND
2.  "Mike Snow" does the music on the X-Files, which I am slowly but surely working my way through, and think about/talk about too much.

COULD IT BE THE SAME PERSON?  Performing songs about shapeshifting AND writing background music to a show that often features shapeshifting?  I spent about one minute on Google trying to find out, and mostly kept landing on some Swedish pop group called Miike Snow, which seems like a dead end.  Bored with researching, would be nice if someone could just tell me the answers.

*or not.

things taxi drivers have said to me this week

1.  "I can tell you're not American.  By the way you talk."  (?)

2.  "I think you work at a law firm. In the city." (?)  "I mostly drive a taxi."

3.  "You've very pretty.  But you have such short hair!" 

4.  "Maybe you and me, we play the lottery together?  If we win, you can't five five or six boyfriends.  Only one other boyfriend.  I cannot fight five or six."

Monday, December 20, 2010


Here's a sweet painting that Kim found the other night when we were leaving El bar.
Lot of questions.


This was the room where I waited while I had my truck inspected the other day.
Everywhere, there are wolf pictures.

Thursday, December 16, 2010


Last night was too cold for Black Swan*, so I started working on a tipi for Matt.  
It's a little small, so maybe it's really for the Babycat - but just so you know, that's a window.  Not the door.  Also: triangle math is pretty hard.  Anyway, will work on this a little more before you see it again.  Need to get some supplies.  Wait til you see the transformation.  It'll be like watching HGTV.

*BUT I have seen some other movies lately, and am kind of working on reviews for them.  In my mind.


Yesterday, I finally cut ties with New York State.  Like a grown up, I got my own auto insurance.  Got a title transfer, got registered, got inspected.  And I have to send back my NYS plates.  So now I only have one (back) plate on my truck, and the front is all empty.
Accepting ideas (or Christmas gifts?) of a good front plate.  I do think unicorns scene is a little played out, so maybe we can come up with something that is non-ironically awesome?  Just regular awesome? 

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


these be the Last days all crazy.  sinful.  contaminated.  silly.  Lazy.  triffling.  cruel.  odd.  weird.  common persons are of satan my arch enemy.   _____ 2010 + back minister James.  4:40 a.m.  all true saints wonet be ashame to daily suffer for my Messiah.  Amen/I Lived in Center City.  New York.  Jersey streets.  for my Jesus you all knew donations selah/the Jews.  Romans.  Crucified my Jesus.  St Mt 27. Dan 6:2.  Thes 3.  Lev 18.  Jn 2.  Leopards.  Sheep.  bears.  Rodents.  Flies.  Worms.

Friday, December 10, 2010


Last night, I was looking for a SPECIFIC flash drive, so I could finish up some project.  Resulted in contents of my purse on the floor.
So, I did this thing that girls on Flickr do, where they document the contents of their purse.  They (the photographs, and maybe the girls too) are all pretty boring, but I look at them sometimes anyway.  Carina did a pretty good, organized one recently too.  I wish I could carry only that.

Anyway, here:  it's on my Flickr.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


The first day that I am done-with-school for real, and don't have company or a Christmas party to get to, I'm going to sit down and make something a little bit like this:
I think mine will be cooler though.  More dream catchery and a backdoor and everything, and maybe it should be silver, like a spaceship, but still like a tipi. 

I have study sheets out in front of me, but instead of memorizing, I'm drawing sketches in the margins.  I've been meaning to get into architecture for a while.  Catarchitecture.


This picture shows a real turning point for me:
Was my first real-life winning game, T-gives 10.

Friday, December 3, 2010


I didn't notice until I got to work that my tights look like this.  I wonder what I leaned up on?

Thursday, December 2, 2010


The internet is super boring lately, and I'm not helping.  Sorry.