Wednesday, April 23, 2014


I'm not exactly a person who's hip to the most cutting edge street art, but I do notice it when it's straight staring me in the face in South Philly.

This is my new* favorite tag (tagger?): "Dracula". I think it's so funny and good, in all it's variations.

This one, right outside the house, is also good. I like the fangs, I like the bite marks, I like the top hat, I like the cursive-y, fancy, font.

Is there an easy way to send a love (okay, appreciation) note to a tagger? Move over, ESPO. (Just kidding/as if).

*another favorite, though not as new, is "bagels".

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

cabbi-hole: I'm back

After a many month hiatus, and several well-natured scoldings by dedicated, abandoned readers, I'm going to try to blog again.

My debut is going to be a thrift store find. I'm spending my M-F up at Settlement Music School (became the permanent art teacher there, since the last time I updated), and because I'm there most days, I'm trying to make my classroom pretty cozy.

On a recent thrift journey with one of my favorite New Yorkers, I picked up this little key cabinet.

Because we're about to get deep into some Warhol, it was a particularly timely find.

Now I just have to find more things that lock and get more keys*. I'm working on it.

If you want to see more of our classroom projects, you can check them out at the far more current and frequently updated puppyjawns.

Things I think you might be able to look forward to in future updates:
  • other junk I bought at thrift stores
  • weird outfits I'm trying out
  • reviews of Apps
  • observations about bad shows I'm watching on Netflix (Marriage Bootcamp: Bridezillas)
  • stuff about cats
  • manicures
So: same old, SAMO. Save the drama for your mama.

*PS: isn't the keychain cute/funny/easy to find in your pocket? Every set of keys for the whole school has a drumstick. I love it.