Thursday, June 23, 2011

do want

Here's some things I still want, but haven't happened yet, despite my willing

1.  Google calendars to automatically suggest that I make something a repeating annual event if it says "birthday".
2.  A backwards kind of v-chip for Netlix that filters out children's programming, so I don't have to sort through Pinky Dinky Do and Wonderpets in my new releases.
3.  Italics for FB.  For jokes.


I want to go to some of these movies, and sit outside on my outside blanket, and drink beers.   Get in touch if you're into it.

Friday, June 17, 2011


smashed mirrors, bad luck, etc.  It's true what they say, I guess?  Just out of order.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

astro star laser projector

More dedicated readers may remember when I bought this number on eBay last week.  It came with English instructions for a different model with non-corresponding parts, and Korean instructions, which were for the right model, but decidedly hard to decipher.
With some help from Kamper, we got it this far:

It's a little wonkier than it's supposed to be, and mostly held together with scotch tape, but considering the instructions we had to work with, I think we (he) did pretty well.  Not so impressive during daylight though, am I right?

Here it is, lights-off.  It's so rad.

I have some adaptation ideas too, for brighter, more star filled interiors.

Lesson:  the 'Bay is full of treasures, if you can only put together the right key words.   This thing was like six dollars!

Monday, June 6, 2011


I bought some star stickers.  I get to put one on my calendar every day I don't cut my hair.*  I'm also taking hair/skin/nails vitamins (almost) every day, with unmeasurable success.

So, we'll see where this gets me.  In like a month I want to have a half-hawk, but I need to see some gold star progress first.

*M and a few others have compared this to childhood "poop charts".  I never had one of those.


Here's some dusty old dirty old basementy board game boxes, headed for the trash.

Contents are now contained by Ikea.  Everything* fit perfectly into some serious KASSAT - two or three games in each one .  I got rid of the old taped up boxes, the worn out or too cheap playing cards, the broken pencils, the filled-out Balderdash cards, Scrabble scoresheets.

Now that I don't hate looking at these, I might even start playing a little more...Othello.   Or something.   Call me and we can play one.  It's been a while since I Stratego'd.

*everything fit beautifully with the exception of "Pente" (too long board) which, which I jammed in, anyway.  It's a keeper.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


This is kind of a weird move, but in an effort to have less coats, I bought a coat today.

(Yes, it's 93 degrees out or something.  But the coat I've been wanting was finally $150 off.  "Strike while the iron's hot", right?)

I figured if I have the one coat I kept wanting, then I won't want my other coats.  Yes?  Hmm. 
See you in December.