Wednesday, June 8, 2011

astro star laser projector

More dedicated readers may remember when I bought this number on eBay last week.  It came with English instructions for a different model with non-corresponding parts, and Korean instructions, which were for the right model, but decidedly hard to decipher.
With some help from Kamper, we got it this far:

It's a little wonkier than it's supposed to be, and mostly held together with scotch tape, but considering the instructions we had to work with, I think we (he) did pretty well.  Not so impressive during daylight though, am I right?

Here it is, lights-off.  It's so rad.

I have some adaptation ideas too, for brighter, more star filled interiors.

Lesson:  the 'Bay is full of treasures, if you can only put together the right key words.   This thing was like six dollars!


r___anderson said...

what! i want one.

Bangs said...

Ryan. eBay is way too complicated and futuristic for you. You don't get to have one.

LuLu said...

I really like that the aloe is in the picture.

Bangs said...

definitely aloe. It's playing a really big role in my life this summer.

grace face said...

no way! i bought that for mike and the lamp didn't work for me. if i buy another...can you help me?

Unknown said...

Hey, I brought the same item, but I didn't get ANY english instructions! Could you help?