Monday, October 31, 2011

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Philly Photo Day

Tomorrow (Friday, the 28th) is Philly Photo Day!  So, short version is that you (anyone) take a picture* anywhere inside city limits, at any time of day on Friday.  You upload it to the Photo Arts Center, and they print it and hang it as part of a big exhibition at Crane on November 10.  Every single picture people send in gets in the show.  Some of it is good, and some is bad, but it's all worth seeing.

(Here's my picture of Gallman that was in the show last year.)

This is really good because it's fun (and you should be taking Halloween pictures anyway), and we get to go eat and drink and try and find our photos day-of, and if you're trying to build a resume, this is a super-easy add for your "exhibitions" list.

*if you don't have a f'real camera, you can camera-phone that jawn - they're not picky.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


These were so good they almost made me feel a maternal twinge.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Remember I used to have a truck?  And then I sold the truck, and tucked *most* of the money away, but also made a lot of impulse purchases?

I got these yellow headphones.

They are so so great.  With more consideration, I might not have picked yellow, but I still like them a lot.  And, AND, they came with a stereo-to-mono adapter (not that important to most people maybe, but for me?  Awesome surprise.)*

I also impulse bought some red white and blue sneakers.  I immediately wore them, and thought "what on earth! why isn't everyone wearing sneakers all-day every-day?  This is great!".  Then I realized I guess a lot of people are wearing sneakers all-day every-day - I'm just not one.  But now I'm a "sometimes, now I at least have the option" person.

Oh, and I got a Kindle.

*other things that are great with these, aside from the adapter:
  - folding (obv)
  - pause/play button on the cord
  - cloth cord, doesn't really tangle
  - there's a output hole, on the far side, that someone else could plug their headphones into, and then you could be listening to the same thing

Thursday, October 13, 2011

32 numbers

The slowest (not really), most recent collab calendar is done.  It looks rad.

Contributors?  If you didn't get one yet, it'll happen soon!  Promise.

This stuff takes forever, but is always worth it.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Back in August, around birthday/hurricane season, an awesome discovery was made:  cable tv.  In my house.  Not all the channels, but some good ones - TLC for instance.  History Channel.

Yesterday?  "No Signal".  Then I realized that all these little pellets in my alley (that kind of look like tiny pebbles?) were snipped up cable.  Like not only was Comcast all "Oh, this girl has been watching too much Hoaders Buried Alive, and not paying the piper, we need to cut her off", but they were all "we're got to cut her off and send a message".  They seriously went to town on the actual cable and chopped it up good.

Message received.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I just got the best surprise birthday present in the mail:
Seriously, so excited.  (And, surprised.  It's October.)  I'm going to have as much sparkling whatever as I can drink.

Friday, October 7, 2011


While we're stairs-talking, here's a picture of my stairs plant.  I just grows up from the crack between the first and second step.  In a spot that doesn't receive any sunlight at all.

When I first moved in, I thought it was weird, but solvealbe.  I ripped it out clean, two times. Plant came back.  I painted it a little on accident.  Plant thrived.
So this time, I'm just going to see how it goes - I'm gonna let it grow.  My mom (really) thinks it's a rose, but I kind of hope it's some sort of spider or bad luck eating creeper.
Time will tell.
I mean - it looks kind of healthy, right?

Thursday, October 6, 2011


With the best help, got the whole kitchen painted last weekend (even the so-dirty-it-was-almost-black-ceiling).  And then, partially because Kelly insists her carpeted trinity-stairs are less slippery, I bit the bullet, ventured into the FLOR world, and carpeted the stairs.

Some things:
1.  The wall color is not exactly as pictured, but is in that family.  Not at all the pale butter yellow expected.  (Some kind of lesson about not judging the "Oops paint" by it's label.)
I know all the colors don't really "go" together, and it's weird, but it's growing on me.  I just want Josh to like it.
2.  Cutting FLOR tiles:  Everyone (including the website, and real people, and the guy at the hardware store) tells you to get/use fresh blades all the time.  They're right.  Also worth noting: this is no job for an X-acto.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Right after school/midterms/papers, 214, haircuts, and deciding which kind of Ambien to take at night, I spend a fair amount of time thinking about my Halloween costume, and how it's gonna work out.

I ended up buying a lot of parts on eBay, most recently, all this hair from Hong Kong, and this big red dress.  It has a copyright on it (?) from 1989, just one year after Beetlejuice came out, so I'd like to think that it was inspired by the film, and therefore a perfect ($3.50) investment.
BUT:  I have a lot of sewing ahead of me guys.  I don't know.  Consider this a "before".