Wednesday, July 29, 2009

piles of it

We're deep into moving mentality and these piles keep growing around our house. Garage/stoop/yard sale piles. No plans or dates for one yet, but when it happens, it's gonna be good.
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See something you like? Come over, it's yours.
It feels good to get rid of stuff, but it's so annoying to walk by every day.


Last night we saw Funny People (thanks Philebrity). Yes, that Adam Sandler movie. Yes, there was Adam Sandlar trivia before the movie, to win Billy Joel/Elton John tickets. Yes, the questions were things like, "In what movie was Adam Sandler a hockey player?".

Anyway! This movie was funny, and had 100 actually smart jokes in it. There's a really good part about kittens that I wanted to post but surprisingly doesn't exist yet on Youtube, and a couple other golden moments. After about an hour and a half though, everyone started checking the time a lot, like "really? It's still happening?". Jason Schwartzman is good. Eminem was good. Some other people were good in it too. Informative, right?

30% stand-up, 30% potentially okay plot, 40% too long and overly sentimental.

2 or more secrets

(Because one time Nikki suggested that we post shopping steals and deals. I think there was supposed to be a whole different, multi-contributor blog devoted to it, but for now, it'll be here, until Nick builds it.)

I have two things to confess today.
The first is that I secretly like shopping at Kmart (and even Walmart) sometimes. I know Target is better, and closer, and nicer, and cleaner, and everything (plus they sometimes have nachos?), but sometimes I just like making that trip down to Oregon Ave and hitting Kmart.
(That's 1).
(2) I have a small place in my heart for leopard print shoes. I don't really think of myself as an "amimal prints" kind of girl - we'll save that for sexy moms and Bratz dolls, but just a little ballet flat in brown and black leopard? Sign me up. Oh, I'll just put those on the shoe shelf next to my other leopard print flats.
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This week these two things combined, and I got these wacky pom-pom shoes for real cheap. Along with it came a pair of brown moccasins that look suspiciously like my old Steve Madden ones, but seem much more sturdy. Twelve and five. Kmart, guys. Kmart.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I guess I'm ready (for Fall). A few more weeks of summer dresses, then let's get deep into tights and boots and sweaters and everything.
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So many colors appeal to me. Yeah, a shopping plug.
And I can't decide if white(ish) boots are ridic.

Anyway, Fall will mean new house, birthday parties at new house, scooter rides, dark hair, so many things. Bring it on.

Oh, and Sarah, you should know that they're making 10 Things I Hate About You into a TV show. I'm sure it's going to be really good.

Monday, July 27, 2009

little things

Remember when I quit buying clothes for a minute? I started painting them instead. Teeny-tiny versions of clothes.
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I like little paintings and stuff lately, and have been itching to get another art swap together. For a long time, I've been wanting to do the periodic table, but I think that one is going to get shelved for right now, until I feel a little more sciency. More utilitarianly (yes), I'm thinking of a perpetual calendar, since by the time we get it together, the last calendar we made will be spent.
So, I'm thinking maybe about ten of us? Small format (for desks), maybe 3x5 or 4x6. We'll divide up the days depending on how many people are interested, so you'd get three or four days - like "4, 11, and 21" or whatever, and make a little print/painting/collage/whatever, and make a series (just of ten or so - I'd like to keep it small so you could conceivably make them by hand if you wanted to). Held together with a binder clip, easily updated every day. No months, just days, so you can use it for as long as you like. This is a feeler. Send me an email or something if you'd be interested. I'm thinking fall.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

not a wizard

This weekend while I was at a rooftop party in New York meeting a guy named "Liquid" who wore a cape and traveled from other dimensions to bring us smiles, someone went out of their way to steal the least critical parts of my bicycle*.

*like the broken rear rack, that doesn't hold anything and just flopped around. They had to take my seat off to get this, but thoughtfully took the time to try to reattach my seat. Also, my kickstand?

Friday, July 24, 2009

chinchillas: are they real?

Yesterday I was watching a little Diego (yes, Dora's cousin), the episode had a baby chinchilla on it.
How can they even be real?
Image Hosted by
These guys are supposed to be able to live in the wild? They're so funny! Melissa, maybe this is a good, non-dog version of a corgi? What if it just hopped around your house all the time?

an email

"what does DOGGIE EYES mean anyways ?

a blog written through the eyes of a dog ?
big puppy dog brown eyes ?"


This is kind of how things are going at Beulah right now.
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We dusted our whole house with diatomaceous earth (also rubbed it into the cats fur, and have been putting it in their food), so it's looking a little cokey, but the cats seem less itchy so hopefully it's working. So far, it seems more effective than the flea drops and everything else. I did a lot of (online, at work) research about getting rid of fleas, and this is supposed to be one of the best, and won't secretly give you cancer or anything. Basically, call this a product recommendation.

How did everyone in the whole world get fleas this summer? What a bummer (damper).

New topic: money.

If you've known me long enough, you'll remember a couple times in the past where I've learned about old bank accounts or whatever that I abandoned with surprising amounts of money in them. This realization usually comes at an awesome time, when I really need the money, so it works out in the end.
Today I found out I have a 401K. It's kind of the same (having weird money I didn't know about), but kind of different (that money isn't going to get me that far in 40 years). Surprise! I'm a little more grown up than I knew.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


I wish I could block all vampire content from Facebook. Maybe I just need new friends.

Shopping Pause has been effective. I was able to pay medical bills in full! There's not more room in my closet, but there's the same amount of room, and I've been breaking out some oldies. Will I keep not shopping? Not sure. Kind of depends on whether Kelly will take me to Forever 21 soon.

This month in Reader's Digest, there was an article about whether people would take 10,000 dollars, or lose ten pounds. All these different demographics have different answers, and experts give a bunch of boring reasons for them. I decided if I could lose ten pounds AND lock in that weight forever, sign me up. Otherwise, I'll probably take the cash. Y tu?

I also recently started using Google analytics, and know how many people are reading my blog, from where, what browser you're using, and SO MUCH MORE. It's pretty awesome, and a little lurky.

Content, right?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Nothing really worth noting (worth blogging?) has been happening. Saw The Movie a couple more times, got some stuff, some people had birthdays...

Questions that are in my head lately:

How to make beer cans into tiny, punched tin, tealight laterns?

Why was Sarah's scooter covered in blood that one morning?

How do we solve this flea problem?

When is a date a date?


Coming up in life is little trips, weddings, teeth (as usual), more. Oh, and I'm almost a month into no new clothes? Good job, me.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


My driver today had so much game.

"You like this music? This is belly dancing music. You would be a great belly dancer." (My foot in a cast, up on the seat). He told me he's so good at dancing, that he's started giving lessons. He could give me belly dancing lessons. Maybe just for one hour. Gives me his phone number.

"You have a cat." (Am I that obvious? No, he's psychic. Really, he told me.)
"You just broke up with your boyfriend." No (but maybe he was thinking of my foot). "Well, you will soon!" Then he did a sort of "knock on wood" thing, but it was a finger-lick touch the ceiling light thing.
"You're probably getting rid of your bed soon." How do you even respond to that?

Anyway. If you need a semi-psychic taxi ride with lots of compliments and weird predictions, I've got Tarek's number. He likes to pronounce his name with the French accent, "even though we hate the French".

oh, and good news

My foot is well on it's way to better. Basically, the MRI (like the x-rays) showed things maybe...moved around a little? But mostly my foot was just fat. They now think it was all "soft tissue damage" which is kind of a wait it out type injury.
And it's getting less swollen all the time, you can almost see an ankle bone. And I can quit crutches (just when I was getting good). And someday, I can quit this boot-thing.


This morning, I remembered that I had something very important to tell Melissa today. It was so important that I got up during the night and wrote it down. I found the notebook in my bed:
Image Hosted by
It took me a minute to figure out what it says, so, in case you can't read it either:
"Learn your rules, you better learn your rules. If you don't, you'll be eaten in your sleep".

(It's from the Office. Which doesn't make me less of a weirdo).

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I'm not totally ready to write about Harry Potter yet. I'm really tired, and should also probably see it again first. Maybe a couple times.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Things my dad has said to me regarding my recent injury:

"Oh jeez. Again?"

"You're lucky you have that job. I would have fired you by now."

"You should tell people you hurt your foot while trying out for that new Lingerie Football League. And that you didn't make the team."


This is way less thought out than my Bill & Ted : Matrix anaology.

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havoc-wreaking Death Eaters : smoke monster (?!?)

(okay, only visually. But still.)


I don't really use my phone that much. So it took me over a week to realize that I left my phone charger in Honeoye, NY. The good news is, there's some cord in my desk drawer at work that's charging my phone through a USB port on my computer? Great.

I'm also getting better at crutches. My foot doesn't hurt a million. Tomorrow I find out what's wrong (maybe nothing?).

Tonight The Movie comes out, and I'm pretty sure there's no goofy JarJar Binks types in this one.

This week is outside movies, grilled food, trips to Vera, and birthdays.

It's like I can almost ignore the bad parts right now.

Monday, July 13, 2009

a drake is not a dragon

All day Saturday was a birthday party which meant grilling, and haircuts, and waterballon toss, foursquare*, fireworks, a pinata, tattoo coloring-in, and top-of-yr-lungs type singalongs.
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I think Kelly and I win for "most time spent at birthday party", which was at least ten hours.

Also, this past week I went to the movies. Saw Year One, which was so, so bad, just like everyone said. Even rowdy teenagers left early. Ooops, Michael Cera. Oops.
I saw Bruno too. It was better than the Ali G movie, worse than Borat? There was a couple really funny parts that I actually hadn't seen in previews, which was good, AND I got to eat pretzel bites for breakfast.
Later we saw Away We Go (or, "that movie with Jim from the Office and that SNL girl"), and it was pretty nice. There were a couple times that it felt really sentimental, and this thing that indie movies do that's like a Wes Anderson copycat or a shot of two people just standing next to each other, but over-all, I liked it.

*for some people, not for me.

Friday, July 10, 2009


It's Tesla's birthday, and today I had some MRIs in a machine that was called "Tesla X-treme" or something. I don't remember. Pretty awesome coincidence though.
It was in the "sports MRI" room, one I've never been in before. There were giant Eagles and Phillies things around on the walls, a lot of autographs. They told me my "possible Lisfranc dislocation" is pretty common with sports people. "Athletes".

HP6 dinner

A reminder. If you want to geek out before the movie, Tuesday night, we're hosting a Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince pre-game. 8:30pm, on Beulah.
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It's pot-luck, it's appetizers, it's candle-lit. Creature costumes are encouraged. Get your movie tickets now probably (like I keep meaning to do), so you don't have to do that crazy crazy line on Tuesday night.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

doc fail

Saw specialist, and no answers about foot yet. Back to the ole' MRI booth on Friday, and maybe we'll find something out. For now, I have a sweet new cast-thing.
Image Hosted by
(making MRI appt)
"I need a foot MRI"
"Just your foot?"
"Well...we have this MRI machine that only do your foot - you don't have to go all the way in the machine...would that be okay with you?"

I'm tired of all of it already.

crutch fail

I thought it would start feeling better, but it didn't.
At home, I hop around. It's really noisy, but my foot doesn't really hurt so bad if it doesn't touch anything.
Yesterday was wheelchair. To the movies, to La Lupe, to the Rite Aid. All with help.
Today is crutches, mostly for not wanting to be that wheelchair girl on SEPTA and elevators.
Image Hosted by
What a mistake. I'm so bad at it, even after studying the diagrams and written instructions from the ER. I had to go 1/2 block from my house to the bus stop, then 1/2 block from the bus stop to my work. Total of 1 block. In this block, four pedestrians asked if I needed help, and one bus driver pulled over and asked if she could take me anywhere. I also had to stop to rest like ten times. I'm hopeless/so worn out.
This afternoon, a specialist. And maybe a walking cast? Fingers crossed.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4+ of J

Some of us went up to my family's cottage in Honeoye, NY for the 4th of July. As expected, it was all boats, and bonfires, fireworks, and everything (and, a few more pictures on Flickr).
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When we were leaving I fell. I got a puffy foot, and after some expert (jokes) consult, decided to wait it out overnight to see if it would get better. It didn't.
Yesterday it looked like this, and spent a lot of time with new docs, making bets with x-ray techs, and procuring ice packs. Diagnosis? A "probably broken" foot. Seeing more specialists this week.
Image Hosted by
(Imagine this, a little puffier, and now it's blue).
The good news is, I have the day off, and Marilyn's gonna push me to the movies in a wheelchair.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

escape plan

Yesterday was too much too soon, but took a long nap and got up in time for the late show - Public Enemies. You know, Johnny Depp?
It was pretty good. Any movie that can talk you into rooting for the bad guy has merit. There was maybe a little too much chase/shooting/bleeding out scenes for my taste, but I liked it despite, and didn't even realize how long it was (a major feat for me, concerning middle-of-the-night movies).
So there's this one part, where, to illustrate just how notorious Mr John Dillenger is, where they're at the movies, and his face comes on the screen, and they turn the lights up at the theatre and tell everyone to look left, look right, see if he's there. He doesn't get seen, because he's with his pals. Then! Someone in our theatre gets arrested! IRL! What? It's true. Police, flashlights, finger pointing, yelling about witnesses. Then we all watched the rest of the movie.
Best part: actual police in movie theatre apprehending someone
Worst part: the synopsis that they put at the end of some biography movies. They only told us what happened to two characters, and both were booooring.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

like ice is cold

I've been making lately, but only a little bit. Here's a teaser:
Image Hosted by
And, starting last night, I'm going to try out painting clothes I want. You know, instead of buying them. Tiny paintings.

Also, while we're getting crafty, I have about a hundred (not really, but enough) sets of prints from the 50 states project that happened almost TWO YEARS AGO.
Image Hosted by
If you don't know about it, go to Flickr and peruse. Our friends, and friends of friends, are good print-makers/photographers. It was a really fun project - 50 people made 50 5x7(ish) prints, based on a state, then everyone was supposed to come get their set, one of each.
Image Hosted by
I have lots still, in my basement, and I am not moving with them. So, if you never got yours, or, if you like states, or art, or need to build a fake portfolio to get into art school - this is your chance. Let me know, and I will get them to you. I need your address, or you can come pick them up at my house.

I also have 5 12x12 2009 calendars based on the same concept. They're really nice, but the year is half over. You could have one of those too.

it's been fun

Today is July 1st. The first day of the second to last month that we'll be living in this house. Marilyn and I are excited.
The bad news is that I have to break up with our landlord. Some of you know Jerry, and know that he likes us a lot. Brings us bottles of wine, stops by just to chat, calls us if we left the window open(?). Anyway, I'm pretty bad at confrontation, so I'm just going to slip a note in with our rent, and give it to his parents (who live on the corner). Who don't speak English.
Why am I the worst scaredy cat?
Anyway, get over Beulah. We already have. Get pumped for the new hood: pony murals, an outdoor bar, something M is calling a "bumble bee garden", etc.