Monday, July 13, 2009

a drake is not a dragon

All day Saturday was a birthday party which meant grilling, and haircuts, and waterballon toss, foursquare*, fireworks, a pinata, tattoo coloring-in, and top-of-yr-lungs type singalongs.
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I think Kelly and I win for "most time spent at birthday party", which was at least ten hours.

Also, this past week I went to the movies. Saw Year One, which was so, so bad, just like everyone said. Even rowdy teenagers left early. Ooops, Michael Cera. Oops.
I saw Bruno too. It was better than the Ali G movie, worse than Borat? There was a couple really funny parts that I actually hadn't seen in previews, which was good, AND I got to eat pretzel bites for breakfast.
Later we saw Away We Go (or, "that movie with Jim from the Office and that SNL girl"), and it was pretty nice. There were a couple times that it felt really sentimental, and this thing that indie movies do that's like a Wes Anderson copycat or a shot of two people just standing next to each other, but over-all, I liked it.

*for some people, not for me.

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