Wednesday, July 1, 2009

like ice is cold

I've been making lately, but only a little bit. Here's a teaser:
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And, starting last night, I'm going to try out painting clothes I want. You know, instead of buying them. Tiny paintings.

Also, while we're getting crafty, I have about a hundred (not really, but enough) sets of prints from the 50 states project that happened almost TWO YEARS AGO.
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If you don't know about it, go to Flickr and peruse. Our friends, and friends of friends, are good print-makers/photographers. It was a really fun project - 50 people made 50 5x7(ish) prints, based on a state, then everyone was supposed to come get their set, one of each.
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I have lots still, in my basement, and I am not moving with them. So, if you never got yours, or, if you like states, or art, or need to build a fake portfolio to get into art school - this is your chance. Let me know, and I will get them to you. I need your address, or you can come pick them up at my house.

I also have 5 12x12 2009 calendars based on the same concept. They're really nice, but the year is half over. You could have one of those too.

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kamper part deux said...

i would like a calendar.

also, one of my states was missing. NJ out of all of them. go fig.