Wednesday, July 29, 2009

piles of it

We're deep into moving mentality and these piles keep growing around our house. Garage/stoop/yard sale piles. No plans or dates for one yet, but when it happens, it's gonna be good.
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See something you like? Come over, it's yours.
It feels good to get rid of stuff, but it's so annoying to walk by every day.


lana bear said...

what size shoes are in this picture? Shoes are the hardest thing to find used, because i basically don't ever want someone else's shoes that I don't know.

Bangs said...

Sandals are prob a 6 1/2? Nikes are bigger, maybe 7 1/2 (too big for me). There might be more shoes hiding too.

Dan Platt said...

what is that pink pseudo-cat thing in this pic?

Bangs said...

That's exactly what it is. A pseudo-cat thing. It has two heads, one on each end.