Sunday, July 26, 2009

not a wizard

This weekend while I was at a rooftop party in New York meeting a guy named "Liquid" who wore a cape and traveled from other dimensions to bring us smiles, someone went out of their way to steal the least critical parts of my bicycle*.

*like the broken rear rack, that doesn't hold anything and just flopped around. They had to take my seat off to get this, but thoughtfully took the time to try to reattach my seat. Also, my kickstand?


sarah said...

you rode your bicycle to ny?

Bangs said...

Yeah, I got really inspired by people like Dane and Chase, and rode my bike to NY.
Sorry, I guess that was unclear. I went to NY, my bike stayed here in Philly. And got robbed.

christophresh said...

I think they took the basket, in order to fix it for you.