Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Last night we saw Funny People (thanks Philebrity). Yes, that Adam Sandler movie. Yes, there was Adam Sandlar trivia before the movie, to win Billy Joel/Elton John tickets. Yes, the questions were things like, "In what movie was Adam Sandler a hockey player?".

Anyway! This movie was funny, and had 100 actually smart jokes in it. There's a really good part about kittens that I wanted to post but surprisingly doesn't exist yet on Youtube, and a couple other golden moments. After about an hour and a half though, everyone started checking the time a lot, like "really? It's still happening?". Jason Schwartzman is good. Eminem was good. Some other people were good in it too. Informative, right?

30% stand-up, 30% potentially okay plot, 40% too long and overly sentimental.

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lana bear said...

i was wondering how it was. im glad for the informational review.