Thursday, July 2, 2009

escape plan

Yesterday was too much too soon, but took a long nap and got up in time for the late show - Public Enemies. You know, Johnny Depp?
It was pretty good. Any movie that can talk you into rooting for the bad guy has merit. There was maybe a little too much chase/shooting/bleeding out scenes for my taste, but I liked it despite, and didn't even realize how long it was (a major feat for me, concerning middle-of-the-night movies).
So there's this one part, where, to illustrate just how notorious Mr John Dillenger is, where they're at the movies, and his face comes on the screen, and they turn the lights up at the theatre and tell everyone to look left, look right, see if he's there. He doesn't get seen, because he's with his pals. Then! Someone in our theatre gets arrested! IRL! What? It's true. Police, flashlights, finger pointing, yelling about witnesses. Then we all watched the rest of the movie.
Best part: actual police in movie theatre apprehending someone
Worst part: the synopsis that they put at the end of some biography movies. They only told us what happened to two characters, and both were booooring.

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