Monday, June 6, 2011


I bought some star stickers.  I get to put one on my calendar every day I don't cut my hair.*  I'm also taking hair/skin/nails vitamins (almost) every day, with unmeasurable success.

So, we'll see where this gets me.  In like a month I want to have a half-hawk, but I need to see some gold star progress first.

*M and a few others have compared this to childhood "poop charts".  I never had one of those.


pinchefresco said...

It wasn't just poop. Our charts were also for chores, whether or not we brushed our teeth and did our daily religious devotions. Also, the part that addressed the poop said, "BM today?"


pinchefresco said...

By the way, I love "hersest," as in, A: "That's hers" (i.e., it belongs to Laura). B: "Yeah, but it's hers, too." (i.e., it also belongs to Jill). A:"I know, but it's hersest" (i.e., Laura owns a greater share of it).


ohsolasa said...

My boss told me the other day I was obsessed with my hair. It's true! I highly recommend some horse conditioner to get your mane flowing: MEGA-TEC. Sean pointed out that the bottle says that it's safe for human use so that's comforting.