Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Col wil

Back to town, and a lot of "where have you Internet-bee
n?". Answer: pools. And hot other historics. Now i am back. With Mex food,the gays taking our pictures for their nets, and at least 100 update texts, some awkward goodmornings. The only way I'd wish it, late at night.

Real posts about other states and gossip and the revolutionary war,coming soon. Prob'ly.


pinchefresco said...

You missed some good stuff.

LICONSUB (lion's cub?)

s. said...

i totally went to colonial willamsburg last summer. did you go on the ghost tour?

LuLu said...

wait, ghost tour? I wanna.

ENTIES (entities? etnies?)

ohsolasa said...

I heard you have a truck. I'm so jealous.