Friday, December 11, 2009

date saving

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New Year's Eve.
You've probably been to the New Year's party we (Sarah and I, then Marilyn and I) threw in South Philly.

This one is going to be a way bigger deal. It's at the warehouse across the street from my house, in this giant new space that was just renovated for gallery (or New Year's party) use.

We encourage you to wear the sparkly-est outfit you can get together and come out and countdown with us. It IS five dollars, but that just means you don't have to bring drinks (unless you're set on champagne, which isn't a bad idea, and won't be provided)*.

Music will highlight big hits from 2000-2009. Performances. Surprises. And it's a THURSDAY! WHAT?!

Facebook invite here.

*AND $5 is way less than whatever Making Time is going to cost that night.

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