Thursday, September 30, 2010


I get a little crazy in my mind about Halloween/dressing up.  It's over a month away, I've already bought a couple
wigs this year.  Spent a while last night doing this self indulgent thing, taking pictures with the hopes of talking myself into growing my hair out.

(I don't usually do this kind of take-pictures-of-yourself thing, so I think it's funny/I hope you do too.)

Maybe if I had a little LOST experience (getting stuck on an island), or moved someplace where it was never hot, or someplace where there weren't scissors, or if I ended up somehow in a spot where I never got bored or dissatisfied, I could do it, like when Sarah went to Korea.  For now, $4.99 wigs from Target.  Amber:  keep me on track - we were doing so well before.  Stacked bob.

Also, there's this book at Anthro right now, old pictures of dogs in photobooths?  It's pretty funny.
Not in the way that like, I want it, but it's funny to imagine collecting these.  And it's funny that lots of people want to own it.  I can't remember why I thought of it.


sarah said...

it makes me really happy to have finally made it into your blog. (especially on mention of my beautiful long locks)

elizabethfrances said...

Maybe if you had a baby you wouldn't have time to cut your hair.

J/K, of course!