Monday, September 27, 2010

keeping hitching

We all went to this wedding this weekend.  Shayna
got married to Megan, at Megan's family's place in Nashville.

We stayed at a hotel, ate so much local cuisine from places called things like "Bar-B-Cutie", dressed up, took so many photographs.  I'm always stuck in this place where I don't know whether to put them on my blog, or FB or Flickr, so as usual, I'll do a little of each (that way if you care about it, you can search them out.  If not, you're not overwhelmed about it.
 The first night was this circus/Gaga thing.  We were 100% unprepared, but worked it out in the end:  Goodwill/Party City/sewing kit/etc.  We did alright.  Not as good as some people there, but pretty good.
The funniest parts were when Marilyn smacked a bag of popcorn right from my hands to the floor, because I'm not supposed to eat it, the cat that was so friendly, but also wasn't at all, and us *thinking* we were funny in the photobooth, and the fur coat I got at a thrift store.

I should work on a better retrospective that includes all  the Martha stuff, the art show in the trees, the company, etc.  Maybe someday.  For now, just some pictures.

Edit:  there's real pictures at this Joon Powell's blog.

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