Tuesday, September 7, 2010


This truck?  Bane of my existence.  It leaks weird garbage onto our street, and makes the neighbors get in weird (but kind of funny) fights.  It's been out in front of our place since we moved in, has flat tires, and a rotating cargo of weird stuff that no one attends to.
Anyone have any suggestions about getting it moved?  I called some PPA number and they were going to "send an agent".  That was months ago.  It's like one of those "move it or lose it" things, but someone obviously wants to lose it, but won't.  Drives me crazy.  
Maybe you want something.  A ladder?  A camping chair?  A ceramic lamp that looks like a seashell?  An undriveable truck from NJ that has sweet flames? It's my understanding that they're yours for the taking.   2700 block of E. Lehigh.  (Please don't replace with your own shitty vehicle.)


Bangs said...

"months" means over a week, and sorry I say "weird" so much.

Bangs said...

I also didn't note that the main problem with Truck is not it's appearance, but that it takes up a prime parking space. I've had to park across the street twice now. CAN YOU IMAGINE!?