Friday, September 3, 2010


I guess you know by now how awesome I think Cory and Mo's odyssey into the Jello world is.  (Me and everyone else in the world apparently - seriously, someone is writing about them or featuring them in some local publication like EVERY DAY).
Anyway, we had that JAWS/pool/grill/seafood party, and there were a lot of good parts (dying the pool red, the foods, being able to not care at all about the neighbors, one last time), and one of the best parts was the JAWS themed shots that Cory and Fran showed up with.

Some were shark teeth (with blood), some were sunken ships, and others had little gummi sharks swimming out of them.  Then, some were in my belly.  Thanks, My Jello Americans.  Sorry if you didn't get one, everyone else.

PS. There's also this really funny/cute video, where MJA makes a shot with the new Snap.

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