Thursday, April 8, 2010


This post is to demonstrate that I'm not all gross frozen microwave meals, all the time.

Fruit! From the cart on the corner of 13 and Chestnut. You can have it all blended up into a smoothie (which is also so good), or get it to go, like this. THREE DOLLARS! (For the record, I know that's probably grocery store comprable, but these guys do all the work for you! No slicing pineapple and peeling mangos! You just eat it!)

Gyro. $4, from my other cart (Broad and Sansom). Oh man, so good. And they have tomatoes in it, which pretty much means it's healthy, I think.

Trader Joe's baby pineapple. So so hard to eat, but really good. And pretty.

See, I don't eat all garbage all the time, I promise. Just some garbage, some of the time.

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