Friday, April 2, 2010


Here are two lunches. One was good, one was gross. Guess!

Okay, you got it. Lean Pockets something with artichoke and cheese and chicken something was delicious! Who doesn't love a Hot Pocket spin off?
The second one, which was just Stouffer's fettucini alfredo was g-r-o-s-s. You can probably tell. Sorry and limp and all one (gross) color. I sometimes get tricked because Stouffer's has no pretense about being healthy or good for you, which (like Applebee's or something) should mean it tastes okay? That's probably the dumbest rationale, but in my head, something that's exceptionally unhealthy should at least taste good. This did not.

(And, just so you guys know. I don't eat this garbage every day. I try to bring leftovers from a real dinner, or whip something up, or...something. But sometimes? I eat frozen meals. If you're especially repulsed by this, you can make me lunch to take to work, or take me on a lunch date.)

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zerbipedia said...

Springtime has been an awesome inspiration for my lunches. Now that the weather is nice, I want to eat fancy yummy food. This week has included lots of fresh bagels with goat cheese, lox, avocado, sea salt and cracked pepper. Spaghetti tacos sounds interesting too, though.