Monday, August 20, 2012

arrow plant

(Again) my latest, lush jungle plant was dying.  My bathroom smelled a little bad.  My kitten, as it turns out, was digging up in the plant (there was a lot of ground area...a lot of easily moveable dirt...) and PEE'D in it.  More than once, I suspect.
So: out with that plant (sorry, Dracena, you would have been great if your leaves weren't so delicious looking, and your ground such a litter box), and in with a this pretty, varigated, healthy looking yucca.  I'm 95% sure it's The One.

To prevent kitten indecencies, some vintage arrows.  GOOD LUCK GETTING IN THERE TO DIG AROUND NOW, Kitten.

We'll see how this works out (as far as...looks and feels. My actual hope is that this yucca finds my bathroom a perfect habitat for multiplying and filling that entire container with it's own impenetrable spikes.
For now? I think this solution is super great.  I knew I needed those arrows for something.

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