Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I've thought about some other ways I wouldn't mind getting paid, if paying bills wasn't a thing:

ModCloth $
popcorn (airpopped, with real butter)
naps in air conditioned rooms
inches of hair
volume of eyelashes
cold on hot days, warmth on cold days
great tights (everyone seems to love welovecolors?)
indestructible teeth
feather light bicycles for me and all my friends
American Apparel basics (hate to love)
a real cat haircut at a place
+ a couple inches height, - a couple pounds flesh
frames (BIG frames)
trips (big or small)
a cleaning service, maybe once a month? for the nitty gritty
inspiring running shoes
sunglasses worth taking care of
JambaJuice (or whatever, really) smoothies
really good cable channels (Comcast are you listening?)
boat life

1 comment:

Amber Reeves said...

sunglasses worth taking care of ARE WORTH IT. i spent $89 on a pair, plus some to have my prescription put it, and trust me, my eyes love me for it.

making smoothies for breakfast. also WORTH IT.

good running shoes. inspiring and WORTH IT.

so when you get rich, these are things i can get behind investing in.

BANAGGLY (serious).