Monday, May 17, 2010

pool party

You probably heard that we're grounded, and someone (Ralph?) took our firepit.
Don't freak out.  We (Kimmy) promptly replaced it with a NEW POOL!
I just can't wait for some hot days to come, so seven of us* can hang out and have a pool party!

We have pool chairs!  Chemicals!  A pump!  Hopefully some sort of fountain light show too, but not yet.  It's on my list today.

Special thanks Ryan Anderson, for helping with set up, and Gallmans, for the water.

*the box the pool came in shows a family of seven comfortably hanging out inside this pool.


zerbipedia said...

I'm glad you have a pump. when I heard you were getting a pool all I could imagine was that it would turn into a gigantic mosquito larvae factory.


carina romano said...

wow! this is so much bigger than i thought! I'm coming over. next hot day. text me.