Monday, May 3, 2010

kill zone

Sunday night, some people were over and (after Celebrity Apprentice) ended, we were watching an A+E special on murderers.
BANG (x5), which I obviously thought was fireworks, but everyone else immediately identified as gunfire.  There was a drive-by on the corner (2nd and Oxford).  No one was hurt, and (to be honest) no one seemed that worried about it (not even the guy who's car got shot).  Some of the neighbors came out, and the family of the shot-at.  Police came, the helicopter swooped around for a few, and they taped up the whole intersection as a crime scene.  Minimum amount of flashing lights.  We watched it all from the roof and had beers.  I kept wanting a CSI team to come up and bag the shot casings, but that never happened, or maybe I went to bed too early (which was late).

Is it weird that it didn't make any of us super scared?  I really don't feel too upset about it.  It was like watching tv.

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r___anderson said...

sue, don't you know by now? that is specifically why they invented tv.