Saturday, May 8, 2010


In 24 hours, I managed to see more than a lot comic book movies. First I saw Iron Man 2, which was all action all the time. Or at least it was every time I woke up. I think Filardi summed it up best when he said it was "where everyone gets to be Iron Man". There's like a million Iron Men (guys and borgs), tons of explosions, and a ton of witty one-liners from RDJ.

My first night home from having no-more-tonsils, we went and saw Kick Ass. I had only heard bad things (mostly from boys who are into comics), and then I ended up liking it okay. I was also really tired (big day), and on lots of pain killers, and Josh said at one point during the movie he thought I passed out because he couldn't hear me breathing. But I think I remember it all? It was kind of intense, because even though it was jokey and super fiction-y, it still kind of shook me up, these kids killing all the bad guys.

Anyway. Those are my vague recollections of some movies I saw this weekend. More soon, and hoepfully next time with more detail.

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