Friday, May 14, 2010


I forgot, I saw another movie while I was "recovering".  The Square (and a short, accompanying movie The Spider).  I gasped out loud a ridiculous number of times during this movie.  (Every time there was a graphic/gory mishap, I gasped.  Even if it was a "saw THAT coming" type thing.  It got me every time).

Australian, "noir", and a bummer.  There's a couple, and they're in love, so they're working on getting some money together so they can escape their mundane lives and live the dream.   They hatch a plan, talk each other into it, and then Everything Goes Wrong.
It's a lot of money stealing, blackmailing, arson, motorcycles in the rain, body hiding type stuff, but not in the thriller way, more of in the giant disappointment way (not to say the movie itself was disappointing). 

Like in real life, when you have this plan, and it's going to be fun and easy!  And then every single thing goes wrong and you don't even want to do your plan anymore, and you miss a call or turn the wrong way and you end up poor, or broken, or with less friends or something.    I think we all had a little of that Lars von Trier sentiment on our way out of the movies.

It was alright.  We were going to see the Good the Bad and the Weird, but I didn't feel up to Korean subtitles.

Maybe this weekend I'll see Robin Hood?

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